3 of Mazda's best sounding rotary cars

If you're a fan of motor racing then you'll know that in their time, Mazda have produced some of the best sounding engines ever made. Whilst emissions, fuel consumption and running costs meant these rotary engines weren't the most popular among the conventional petrol engines on the road, they did manage to achieve some impressive sounding race cars. Below are a few examples of just how good these eardrum - pounding racers sound:

Mazda 787B

If you are a Le Mans fan or enjoy racing car games from the last ten years then you'll remember the 787B. Built in the early '90s for the fiercely competitive Group C class is the 787B which used a R26B rotary unit, capable of spitting out almost 900bhp although in race trim this was lowered down to just 700bhp. ​

Mazda Furai​

​Mazda's Furai concept car was revealed in 2007 which marked a possible return to rotary racing. However, this didn't happen in the end but we still got the pleasure of seeing it and hearing it round the track. The car is one of the most stunning looking concept cars ever made as it was inspired by Courage LMP2 car, making it one of the best sounding too. 

Mazda Super GT RX7

Listen to the rotary scream of the RX7 Super GT race car. Although this was not a prototype or concept car, it still has wheel arches wide enough to put a show car to shame.