A Green Perspective of the Electric MX-30

Mazda's first fully electric vehicle is now here and ready to be tested. The MX-30 incorporates all the very best that Mazda is known for, putting the driver and passengers' comfort and safety as crucial inspiration for this re-imagined everyday electric vehicle. ​With the help of a review by Chris Lilly at nextgreencar.com, we take a look at the MX-30 from a green perspective.

Performance ​& Handling

Being described as an everyday electric vehicle, the MX-30 doesn't boast as a pulse-racing vehicle. Instead, to suit the needs of the everyday driver, the Mazda MX-30 holds a 107 kW motor, allowing it enough power to handle daily life tasks on either the busy city roads or quieter country lanes. It is also proving itself a key competitor among the electric vehicle group, due to its softer suspension,​ the MX-30 has been described as the more comfortable drive and performer among the newest range of electric vehicles.

 Body Style & Comfort

The MX-30 certainly doesn't disappoint in the comfort and style category. Described by Chris Lilly, the MX-30 is 'a stylish machine' with 'the looks of a coupe-crossover but with the added practicality thanks to the pair of rear-hinged half doors, allowing easier access to the rear seats.' Ideal for a family of four, the spacious interior cabin offers comfort for those more longer holiday trips as well as the errands of daily life. Taking inspiration from Mazda's heritage as a cork manufacturer 100 years ago, the MX-30 interior cabin has clearly been extremely well thought through, the interior lining of cubby holds and trays are cork along with natural and recycled fabrics incorporated into the front interior to ensure long-lasting convenience s well as a luxurious feel.

Range & Green Credentials

Although the 124- mile range may deter potential buyers, Chris Lilly at nextgreencar describes 'the MX-30's range to be more than enough to meet the typical daily mileage of the majority of drivers in the U.K'. The MX-30 also incorporates a different tactic in terms of it's braking energy, choosing to not include an eco, or sport mode, the MX-30 instead relies upon 'the regen setting and driver to perform tasks', and according to Lilly appears to 'work well'.

The MX-30’s distinctive, stylish and sustainable cabin features high-quality materials and a driver focused interior. The lower console incorporates a 7-inch colour touch-screen air conditioning control panel, and in a nod to Mazda’s founding as the Toyo Kogyo Cork Company in 1920, the Mazda MX-30 features cork lined centre console trays and inner side door handles. Harvested from the bark of trees without felling, the use of cork and door trim materials that incorporate fibres from recycled plastic bottles, are perfectly suited to Mazda’s first pure electric production car. Benefiting passengers and drivers alike, the sense of space is enhanced with a floating centre console that sits independently from the dashboard, while the use of environmentally-friendly materials has been carefully matched to meticulous quality and finish.

Mazda MX-30: Model Summary

‘The Mazda MX-30 is a very good EV. It’s comfortable, stylish, drives nicely and has a lovely interior. Some will want a bit more performance, others a bit more range, but the Mazda does all that’s needed of it in these regards, so the ‘rightsizing’ aspect must be remembered. Although not for everyone, it’s an EV that’s suitable and worthy of consideration for more than you might think.’

You can read Chris Lilly’s full review at nextgreencar.com