Mazda announces pricing and spec of All-New Mazda3 Skyactiv-X petrol Saloon

Skyactiv-X is the world’s first production petrol engine to combine diesel compression ignition with petrol spark ignition. 

The technology is called ‘Spark Controlled Compression Ignition’ (or SPCCI) and forms part of our vision for the future. 


  • Skyactiv-X combines outstanding performance with low emissions

  • It produces power output of 180ps with CO2 emissions from 96g/km

  • The CO2 emissions from Skyactive-X engines are similar to a much lower powered diesel

  • For fleet drivers, there is no RDE1 VED or BIK penalty as this is a petrol engine and is already RDE2 Euro 6D compliant

This October, Mazda is to launch a 96g/km of CO2 saloon version of its Mazda3 range, powered by the brand’s new Skyactiv-X petrol engine. It will be available at the same time as the hatchback powered by the same 180PS engine, with prices for both bodystyles starting at £23,555. These figures mean that, for the 2019/2020 tax year, drivers of the hatchback will pay £94 a month in benefit-in kind tax (for a 20% taxpayer), while the same employee would face a monthly company car tax bill of £90 for the saloon. Across both bodystyles, the Skyactiv-X powered Mazda 3 is offered in Sport, Sport Lux, GT Sport and GT Sport Tech trim levels, with a choice of automatic or manual transmission available on all models.

Featuring Mazda’s unique Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) technology, Skyactiv-X is the world’s first production petrol engine to exploit the benefits of compression ignition. Providing drivers with the free-revving performance of a petrol engine with the superior response of a diesel, the 2.0-litre four-cylinder 180ps Skyactiv-X engine features the highest compression ratio for a production petrol engine in the world, while its lean burn capabilities ensure outstanding fuel economy and low emissions. The entry point to the Skyactiv-X line up, the £23,555 manual All-New Mazda3 Sport hatch emits 100g/km, while the identically priced Sport saloon emits just 96g/km.

All models feature a seven-inch colour TFT driver instrument display, while the latest version of the Mazda Connect infotainment system features a larger 8.8-inch central display, improved navigation and a revised multimedia commander control dial, to name just a few of the enhancements. Like the Skyactiv-G petrol engine, Mazda’s Skyactiv-X engine is matched to the Mazda M Hybrid 24V mild-hybrid system that recycles recovered kinetic energy. A belt-driven integrated starter generator (ISG) converts the energy in the 600kJ lithium-ion battery, while the DC-DC converter supplies it to the cars electrical equipment.

Additionally, for the first time since the Mazda 323 AWD, Mazda is offering UK drivers a four-wheel drive car in the family hatch segment. Exclusively matched to the high-grade GT Sport Tech trim and hatchback body, this Mazda3 combines the cutting-edge efficiency of the Skyactiv-X engine with the security and dynamic excellence of Mazda’s latest i-Activ all-wheel drive system.

Mazda UK managing director Jeremy Thomson said:

“I’m very excited about the arrival of the Skyactiv-X engine; this is another example of Mazda’s convention defying powertrain innovation.

“Offering our customers a truly unique blend of fuel economy, low emissions and performance from a petrol engine, Skyactiv-X adds a unique selling point to the all-new Mazda3.”

He added: “It’s also great that the saloon is arriving in UK dealerships this autumn, as it’s a stylish and distinctive compact executive saloon that will appeal to both fleet and private customers.”

oon shares just its bonnet and windscreen with the hatchback. It is also 200mm longer and has a boot capacity of 444 litres. It will also be available with a 116PS Skyactiv-D diesel engine.


This chart shows how Skyactiv-X compares with the C-Segment petrol competition*. As you can see both the Mazda3 Saloon and Hatchback have the lowest CO2 levels compared to it's competitors.

*Information correct at end April 2019, checked via manufacturer websites, petrol models