London 2 Brighton

Gina takes on the 100KM Ultra Challenge

About Gina

- Gina first joined Norton Way Mazda in October 2017

- Current Position: Service Department, Senior Service Advisor

Gina will be attempting to complete an Ultra-Marathon in May 2020.

Gina stated "I decided to start running Ultra-Marathons to keep myself fit. When I decided to run my first Ultra I had never ran more than a half marathon."

For those who are not aware of what is involved with an Ultra-Marathon Challenge - well, it is a distance and timed event with a minimum distance of 25KM all the way up to 100KM. The London 2 Brighton series is 100KM, with competitors completing the event across a 2 day period. Athletes can complete the challenge walking or running and with the option of a tent half way to have a sleep.

When asked about her challenge this year, Gina responded "I ran 100KM from London to Brighton in May last year and did it over 2 days, this time round I’m planning on doing it as a continuous run and only stopping as and when I need to for food and drink. I am to complete the event in under 20 hours, will I manage this? Who knows but I will try my hardest."

Apart from the self-achievement and pride the event is ultimately put on to help raise money for charity. The charity can be a well-known global charity or a smaller local organisation as Gina explained "A large part of running the Ultra Marathons in to help raise money for Alzheimer’s which is a charity close to my families hearts. My aim is to raise a minimum of £600 for them."

We are supporting Gina with her challenge and wish her the best of luck!