How the UK Likes to Travel - Results from the 2018 Mazda Behaviour Survey

A new Mazda survey carried out in the UK suggests that road trips are as popular as ever, with cars being travellers’ transport of choice for getting around.

78% of drivers said they had made at least one road trip in the last year, with 31% taking three or more, and 10% claiming they were always on the road. 17% were first-time road-trippers.

While 21% sought adventures in unexplored parts of their country, the majority (31%) took to the road to visit loved ones. 12% simply jumped in their car to escape their home town.

Cornwall, Devon and Wales were the most-visited destinations. This year, people are heading for the Scottish Highlands and the Lakes.

For most travellers (70%), the trip is about the journey as much as the destination. Activities, food and choice of SUV cars or convertible cars are equally important.

50% of travellers soundtrack their ride with music or radio, while 28% pass the time chatting. Some passengers opt for less stimulating activities such as reading (4%) and sleeping (3%). Just 4% play car games.

Sandwiches aside, it seems the diet goes out the window on the road: 26% opt for sweets, and 10% for fast food or crisps. Ice-cream is less popular, but beats an in-car salad: only 1% go for that.

Londoners in particular look to wind down a convertible to enjoy the scenery (70%). They are also twice as likely to rent a car for a road trip than the rest of the country ­– despite ownership being at similar levels throughout the UK. The type of car matters, with most choosing an SUV over a convertible for a weekend trip, and a convertible over an SUV for a day out.

Londoners (60%) are also becoming more budget-conscious when planning holidays than the rest of the country (40%). As a result, they are more likely to consider a holiday in the UK than those outside the capital.

While 64% of respondents are confident they can organise a scenic trip, Londoners are more likely to have trouble planning their journey. That said, they are certainly up for the challenge: more than half are more likely to take a driving holiday in the UK this year.