Mazda Mx-30: Award-Winner From The Beginning

The all-electric Mazda MX-30, which debuted in 2020, has set a new standard for the electric SUV with its seamless blend of contemporary design and effortless style, combined with Mazda's innovative and rewarding e-Skyactiv electric drive technology.

It's an approach that defies convention, as befits the car's MX moniker, and it's gotten praise from both owners and reviewers. And we're very proud that Mazda's first all-electric vehicle has already won several awards in its short life - here's a rundown of the accolades received so far.

Red Dot Design Award 2020

The MX-30 received its first award at the 2020 Red Dot Design Awards, one of the world's largest international design competitions. Mazda's 'Human Modern' interpretation of its established Kodo design philosophy won the Red Dot jury over in the 'Electric Vehicle' category.

"The Mazda MX-30's exterior impresses with clear lines and minimalist contours," they said, adding that "the use of sustainable materials in the interior is ground-breaking." Mazda's use of sustainably sourced cork in the centre console and door trims that use a fabric that incorporates recycled PET plastic bottles are examples of environmentally friendly material choices. Awards 2021, a specialist electric and hybrid vehicle review site, named the MX-30 'Favourite Electric Car,' a category based on reader votes. It was a clear winner in the poll, indicating that Mazda's emphasis on stylish design, rewarding driving experience, and sustainability resonates with buyers considering an all-electric vehicle transition.

2021-2021 Japan Car of the Year Awards

In the 2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan Awards, a large panel of judges chose the MX-30 as the Design Car of the Year. Mazda's Ikuo Maeda, Managing Executive Officer in charge of Design and Brand Style, expressed his delight at receiving this award in a domestic competition, saying, "It's truly an honour to have the MX-30 receive this award as a token of high esteem for its design." I am truly grateful to everyone who has shown their support for this model."

The Car of the Year Japan Awards are determined by adding the points assigned to each candidate by each judge. Among the judges, the MX-30's standout features included its practical freestyle double doors, which provide excellent access to the vehicle's spacious and calming interior, its bold yet simple styling, which marks a new direction for Mazda's acclaimed Kodo design philosophy, and its use of sustainable materials, including a new premium leatherette seat covering that has the look and feel of leather but has a lower environmental impact.

DieselCar and EcoCar Magazine Awards in 2021

The MX-30 received its most recent award in June 2021, when it was named Best Electric Compact SUV in DieselCar and EcoCar Magazine's annual awards. "We're big fans of the MX-30's neat design, which pays homage to the RX-8 sports car with its freestyle doors," said editor Ian Robertson. The magazine also praised Mazda's "eco-conscious" approach to design and construction.

Regarding Mazda's decision to create an all-electric vehicle for everyday use, Ian adds, "A smaller battery helps the MX-30 undercut rivals on cost... Furthermore, weight is kept to a minimum, allowing the MX-30 to drive with precision and minimal body roll."

The MX-30 has already proven to be ideal for the needs of its early owners, with a range that covers most people's day-to-day use and the ease of overnight charging or fast-charging when needed. Every drive in the MX-30 is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, thanks to the same 'Jinba Ittai' spirit of car and driver that runs through all Mazda vehicles.

The award-winning Mazda MX-30 provides an exciting new way to enjoy all-electric driving. Have you ever tried it?