Mazda MX-30 Reveal


Don't miss out on our exclusive live stream launch of the all-new Mazda MX-30 starting from Tuesday 13th October. Along with being able to explore both inside and out of the brand new all-electric SUV right from the comfort of your home, you will also be able to have any questions answered by our team of experts during a live Q&A session.

This exclusive event does have limited space, so don't miss out and ensure you register to reserve your place in meeting the first all-electric, All-Mazda MX-30. Reserve your place now!


All-New, All-Mazda

An electric vehicle for everyday use, the MX-30 was designed with driver and passengers in mind. Boasting a spacious and beautifully designed interior cabin, everything from the chosen fabrics to incorporated technology make for a comfortable and convenient journey. Along with an immaculate interior is of-course a stylish and strong body. Making a statement with it's sleek, soft exterior lines and freestyle doors, the all-new Mazda MX-30 has taken an exciting new interpretation of Kodo design. Taking the true beauty of simplicity and putting it into the design.  

All-Electric, All-Mazda

The Mazda MX-30 has been infused with the spirit of Jinba Ittai, in keeping with this philosophy the technology chosen for the MX-30 has all been based on keeping driver and vehicle connected, especially with the use Mazda's e-Skyactiv technology. This technology in the MX-30 is not only focused on driving pleasure, but also on delivering a very high level of safety and reliability. Active, passive, and battery safety measures are all expertly integrated for a joyful & confident driving experience