Mazda’s advanced i-ACTIVSENSE safety technologies give you total confidence in every drive. Each system works together intelligently to recognise potential hazards, avoid collisions and reduce the severity of accidents when they are unavoidable. Feel connected to your Mazda like never before and enjoy the drive knowing you and your passengers are intelligently protected.


When you drive a Mazda we want you to have peace of mind. That’s why our range of i-ACTIVSENSE safety technologies offer all-round protection from hazards you may not see. Whether you are in bustling traffic, tackling a busy motorway, or driving at night, our advanced systems work seamlessly to keep you safer.

Smart City Brake Support

We believe in helping you react faster to any dangers on the road. Our Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) system uses sensors to continually monitor the speed between you and obstacles in front and the closing distance. If you get too close and there’s a risk of collision, the brakes are primed to help you stop more quickly. Or, in an emergency, the brakes will be applied automatically if needed. The system not only recognises vehicles, it detects pedestrians and reads traffic signs*. If you exceed speed limits, you’ll be alerted. Thinking smarter and faster, for a safer drive. 

Lane Departure Warning

Safety innovation should improve the driving experience for you and your passengers. Our Lane Departure Warning system detects the markings on the road and warns you, with a subtle pulse, if you are veering from your lane unintentionally. It’s ideal when you’re driving on long, straight roads and motorways to help you focus on the road ahead. And when you signal to change lanes or accelerate, your manoeuvre is intentional so the alarm stays off.

Adaptive LED Headlights with High Beam

A clear view of the road ahead not only increases safety, it should enhance the driving experience. Our latest Adaptive LED Headlights use 12 separate LED elements and automatically dip when you approach oncoming traffic or a car in front of you to avoid dazzling other drivers. Only the lights that are in the driver’s line of sight are turned off, so you have a better view of the road than if the entire light was dipped. On motorway journeys, the lights automatically rise up to illuminate more of the road ahead. Improvements to the array of LEDs help detect pedestrians more quickly and enhance visibility when driving around corners, making for a safer and less tiring journey at night.Text here ...

Lane Keep Assist

What happens on each side of you is as important as what occurs ahead and behind the car.  Lane-Keep Assist checks the road markings and if you unintentionally stray into another lane, the system will alert you and, if needed, adjust the steering to guide you safely back into the centre of your lane.Text here ...


You and your passengers aren’t just protected from the outside, but the inside too. Our rigid SKYACTIV-Body has an innovative ring structure that absorbs impacts, whilst our cars also have seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters, anti-intrusion brake pedals, SRS Airbag Systems and many other safety features to keep you safe.


The Mazda6, Mazda CX-5and All-New Mazda3 have been awarded the maximum five-star NCAP safety rating in Euro NCAP tests making them the safest cars in the world. With their range of i-ACTIVSENSE Evolution safety technologies you can experience the feeling of dynamic performance alongside the reassurance of outstanding safety.