Mazda CEO confirms demand for Skyactiv-X engine is even higher than predicted​

Mazda Europe CEO Yasuhiro Aoyama has confirmed that the recently launched Skyactiv-X engine is proving very popular- with far higher interest than expected.

The SPCCI (spark plug controlled compression ignition) engine is available on the Mazda3 compact sedan and hatchback, and the CX-30 compact crossover. The SPCCI unit is a gasoline-powered engine which combines the spark ignition of a gasoline engine with the compression ignition of a diesel. Mazda says the engine provides drivers with the free-revving performance of a gasoline engine and the superior response of a diesel, plus a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

"Since we launched the engine, we are seeing a very encouraging feedback: 60 percent of the orders for the Mazda3 are currently for cars equipped with the Skyactiv-X engine, as well as 45 percent of orders for the Mazda CX-30 crossover"

On the Mazda3, the SPCCI engine emits 5 percent to 10 percent less CO2 than a standard 2.0-liter gasoline unit on the same car. On a 1.8-liter diesel engine, the improvement is between 1.5 percent and 7 percent.  The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Skyactiv-X is equipped with a 24-volt mild-hybrid system as standard. It delivers 180 hp and 224 Newton meters of torque, with CO2 emissions of 122 to 157 grams per kilometer under Europe's new WLTP vehicle testing regime. As part of its effort to reduce CO2 emissions from its new-car fleet, Mazda will launch its MX-30 full-electric crossover in Europe next summer.

​ Aoyama said he believes the CX-30 will be Mazda's best-selling model in Europe next year. The CX-5 midsize SUV is Mazda's current best-seller in Europe. The new Mazda 3 went on sale in Europe in the second quarter, with the SPCCI option available from September.