Mazda3 TCR Race Car

Same Manufacture, New Car! Mazda is expanding its Motorsport presence with the introduction of the Mazda3 TCR. It’s based on the Mazda3 hatchback with more than a handful of modifications to confirm with TCR regulations. The car is expected to be racing worldwide in 2020.

At the heart of the Mazda3 TCR is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will rev up to 7,000rpm and produces 350bhp and a meaty 490 Newton-meters (361 pound-feet) of torque. The power is sent through a six-speed SADEV sequential gearbox or an optional Xtrac Setup. The hardware configuration has been set up to enable the race car top hit a respectable top speed of 150mph with the effective Brembo brakes to efficiently stop the car on demand. Immediately noticeable changes include a massive rear wing and fender flares. Other noteworthy changes include a chunky front splitter and a prominent rear diffuser with a single exhaust tip positioned right in the middle. It sits on 18-inch Rays wheels with Michelin Pilot tires and uses Bilstein or optional Öhlins dampers.

The car was styled by Mazda’s design team in their headquarters in Irvine, California, with the development and support being provided by the teams in Long Island Racing, the same Norton Carolina-based race shop that builds the MX-5 CUP.

While we are excited about the race car, we are hoping Mazda will develop a street-legal version to take on other ‘limited’ car editions in the market.

Mazda has already named Bryan Ortiz, winner of the 2019 Global MX-5 Cup Championship, as the first driver of the Mazda3 TCR. We are expecting to see the car debut at the four-hour Endurance Challenge, the weekend of January 24th 2020.