Stay connected with the Mazda MX-30

Mazda embodies the idea of Jinba Ittai at the heart of its vehicles, giving inspiration to designs that create a sense of oneness for its drivers. Arriving early in 2021, Mazda's first fully- electric vehicle the Mazda MX-30 has been designed with the idea of creating a connection between the environment, driver and car.

Launching later this year, the latest development of the MyMazda app will see the introduction of Connected Services across Europe with functionality that removes any barriers between the car and driver to create a seamless ownership experience. With the latest app development, Mazda plans to add functions that are only possible with an electric vehicle, such as notifications if a driver forgets to plug in the charging cable and the ability to control charging using a timer, plus monitoring the charge progress and range indicator for added peace of mind.

Currently exclusively available to the Mazda MX-30, users will be able to choose up to three destinations at once and remotely share the locations (including from third-party apps) directly to the navigation system. Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, the convenient functionality allows drivers to plan a trip when not in the car on their device and immediately have the guidance available once the vehicle is turned on.

In addition to the latest upgrades, the MyMazda app enables MX-30 drivers to locate their nearest charging station, view key information such as plug types, opening hours and address, plus send the destination directly to the navigation system within seconds. Drivers will also be able to benefit from accessing real-time information on charge point availability*.

Glancing at the interior the MX-30 is the first vehicle to feature touchscreen climate control with the design goal of occupants being ‘enveloped in openness’. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen display at the front of the console, the system serves as a touchscreen air-conditioning control panel which adjusts temperature, air flow and seat heating throughout the interior. Displayed in a simple fashion, the functions are grouped intelligently so users can adjust the climate controls in iterations of 0.5 degrees and swipe to alter in steps of three degrees, functions that can be performed quickly and intuitively to minimise distraction from the road ahead. While the touchscreen has a functional value, it has also been developed to appeal to the senses and enhances the perceived quality of the cabin environment. Based on analytic data on human characteristics, the touchscreen display is designed to create a unique mood for the driver before setting off on their journey. When the power is switched off and the driver gets in the car, a graphic appears on the touchscreen, which subtly changes in appearance depending on the time of day and temperature to stimulate a relaxed ambience. Once the car is switched on, the screen reverts to the air conditioning controls.

Mazda wants its customers to make their a car a place in which they can relax, and an experience that enriches their daily routines. To further enhance the cabin environment, the new Mazda MX-30 is equipped with a choice of two high quality sound systems – the standard Mazda audio system or on higher grade models a 12-speaker Bose premium sound system. The Mazda audio system features speakers perfectly positioned to produce the best sound and reach the human ear as easily as possible in the cabin environment. Alternatively, the Bose 12-speaker premium audio system offers another level of sound performance and delivers deeper, more impactful audio performance throughout the cabin and selectable listening modes help ensure a close emotional connection between passengers and their music inside the new MX-30.

With UK pricing and specifications for the full Mazda MX-30 range to be announced later in the year, the Mazda MX-30 First Edition is the first opportunity to take ownership of the unique, stylish and driver focused electric vehicle. As part of an electrification strategy that has already seen Mazda M Hybrid, mild hybrid fitted as standard to the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30, the Mazda MX-30 features an AC synchronous electric motor and a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery that delivers a range of approximately 124miles and comes with AC charging up to 6.6kW and DC rapid charging designed to meet 125A Combo Charging standards up to 50kW.

The Mazda MX-30 has been designed to deliver the intuitive responses, natural feedback and involving handling you’d expect of a Mazda. Electric G-Vectoring Control Plus (e-GVC Plus) enhances chassis performance by using motor torque to optimise the front-rear load shift for improved stability and the MX-30’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture is specifically tailored to compliment the smooth power delivery of the e-Skyactiv drivetrain. The dynamic focus also extends to a throttle pedal that delivers a seamless transition between linear power delivery and smooth regeneration on lift off, equally, the braking system offers a seamless transfer between energy regeneration and hydraulic brake action.

Commenting on the Mazda MX-30 First Edition, Jeremey Thomson, Managing Director at Mazda UK, said: “Mazda is based on a human-centred philosophy, and through our products we are able to connect drivers and the society they live in. We live in a digital world, and whether you’re remotely defrosting your car from bed in the morning, checking to see if it’s locked at night or checking the range for the journey ahead, the latest development of the MyMazda app will help bring even more convenience for MX-30 drivers and will seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles. Part of Mazda’s multi-solution approach to efficient vehicles, the launch of our first pure electric car is a milestone moment for the brand and a landmark moment for our dealers and customers here in the UK.”

An electric car that delivers the kind of traditional driver engagement you’d expect from a Mazda matched to new levels of digital connection, the Mazda MX-30 is a multi-level example of car and driver as one.

*Availability and functionality varies by country