Roof Box Rental From Norton Way Mazda

Norton Way Mazda are now offering rental of the Thule car roof box

Roof box rental is minimum 7 days

Cost(inc VAT):

£50 for a week 

£75 for a Fortnite

£200 Deposit difference will then be refunded

*Roof bars not included

All Mazda roof bars are compatible along with most brands, please consult your dealership for more details.

Thule Roof box - Short Type

Short type with dual side opening and FastClick fixation

outside: 175 x 82 x 45 cm, L x W x H

inside: 170 x 77 x 39 cm, L x W x H

volume 400L, weight 13 kg, max. load 50 kg, max.

length of ski 155 cm,

colour Titan Aeroskin

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Download the instruction manual here

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New Thule Touring roof box with dual side opening and FastClick fixation. Special aeroskin lid material texture with stylish look. Patented FastClick quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple, secure fixing combined with DualSide opening for convenient mounting, loading and unloading. Central locking system provides maximum safety. The grip-friendly Thule Comfort key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed.

Important information for your mazda

If you are fitting this Roof Box to a Mazda2 the boot opening will be limited due to the tailgate hitting the roof box if opened fully - please consult your dealer for further guidance.

For Mazda2 DJ1 please be informed that the tailgate touches the roof box while opening the trunk. This is because of the fact that the roof provisions of the carrier don´t offer the chance to move the carrier forward.

The Thule Touring 200 is already the smallest available roof box, therefore it is a compromise of interference but keeping the opportunity of transport and loading the trunk at same time. In case of the antenna there is also a chnace of interference. If so you can change to the shark fin antenna