Mazda Digital Service Records

Conventionally, car services are tracked and stamped in a paper booklet, however, here at Mazda we like to break convention. Our Digital Service Record System is a secure online database that stores the entire service history of you car. We provide this for every vehicle we've registered since July 2006. Why do we do this?

It enhances value

Your Digital Service Record details the services and inspections completed on your car. An up-to-date record enhances your car’s resale value because the buyer can easily check the trustworthy and accurate service history.

It’s secure

If you’re a prospective buyer or looking to sell your Mazda, it’s good to know that the data is securely stored in a central database. This means you don’t have to worry about losing it and more importantly it avoids fraudulent entries. For example, as the Mazda service history includes the current mileage with each service entry, it would be easy to spot an odometer that has been tampered with.

It’s convenient

You will receive Service Reminders that are tailored to your driving patterns to ensure that you don’t miss a due service. When your car has a service, our Mazda Dealers can provide you with an updated printout showing all the items serviced. And if your copy of your Digital Service Record gets damaged or lost you can ask your dealer for a new copy.