308 Hybrid Introducing the 308 Hybrid Starting From £37,460.00


The appeal of the decidedly high-end PEUGEOT 308 captives your attention with its strength of character and dynamism.

Make every moment your moment, with the innovative and practical technology of the new PEUGEOT i-Cockpit which magnifies every driving experience. Allow your driving senses to be enhanced with overwhelming comfort, efficiency, and performance from the excellence which lies within the plug-in hybrid.

The 308 is now available to order. If you would like to follow the journey from this point on, you can book a test drive.


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From £35,400

  • PEUGEOT i-Connect®
  • PEUGEOT customisable i-Toggles®
  • Viso Park 1 (180° colour reversing camera)
  • 17” alloy wheels
  • Connected 3D Navigation

From £36,210

  • Drive Assist Pack
  • PEUGEOT Open & Go (Keyless entry)
  • Wireless smartphone charging
  • Android Auto/Apple car Play™
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

From £36,210

  • 18” alloy wheels
  • GT specific badging
  • Full Matrix LED headlights
  • PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit®
  • Heated steering wheel
308 Hybrid Features


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The Silhouette of the Peugeot 308 is dynamic from every angle.​

    FRONT HEADLIGHTS The ultra-compact front lightning signature is unmistakably modern and high-tech. The front headlights, which combine elegance and strength, highlight the dynamism and identity of the new PEUGEOT 308. chiselled and slim, they benefit from LED technology or PEUGEOT Matrix LED Technology, set off by fang-shaped daytime running lights on the front bumper.
    INTENSE SEDUCTION At first glance, you are struck by the new PEUGEOT 308. It is the world's first hatchback vehicle to bear the new PEUGEOT badge, the brand's timeless identity combining history and ultra-modernity. This emblem, with its modern typeface, is displayed majestically on the radiator grille. The 308 monograms can be found on the bonnet, as well as a new front end.
    BOLD PROPORTIONS The new PEUGEOT 308's design is versatile from every angle. Its sleek, athletic lines and bold proportions highlight a strong personality. The large grille's assertive verticality is continued by a long bonnet. The rear end is muscular and powerful, with improved aerodynamics thanks to the lowered roof line. It is noticeably larger and sits firmly on its wheels. The athletic appearance is revealed by the distinguished and streamlined profile.


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    Peugeot 308 captivates you with its strength of character and dynamism

      HEAVILY TRANSFORMED INTERIOR To put some distance between the 308 and the 3008 SUV, the dashboard incorporates some of Peugeot's most recent infotainment and display technology into a completely new design.
      TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY The tall, sloping dashboard a sharp-looking 10-inch touchscreen display on the dashboard controls most of the in-car technology, including wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.
      This screen comes in two forms: the basic i-Connect version and the i-Connect plus, which includes TomTom's widescreen navigation. The new graphical interface is customizable and employs a widget-based organisational system similar to that of a smartphone or tablet.
      NEW UPHOLSTERY The large centre console has also been updated. It has 34 litres of storage space, including a large cubby with a wireless smartphone charger.

      Nappa leather upholstery and massaging seats are available as luxurious extras. There’s also a new cabin air filtration system designed to keep polluting gases and particles out, with the cabin air quality level displayed on the infotainment screen


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      Discover new driving experiences thanks to the plug-in hybrid engines available on the PEUGEOT 308

        DRIVING PLEASURE Discover these new sensations while driving in Electric mode:
        - An electric driving range of up to 37 miles (WLTP*).
        - More fluid and smooth driving, with fewer vibrations
        - Quick acceleration due to immediate engine torque
        - A quiet engine
        *According to the WLTP* certification protocol which is pending - Driving range may vary according to actual conditions of use (climatic conditions, driving style, etc.)
        LITHIUM-ION BATTERY (240-400V) The range of the battery in 100% electric mode is 37 miles WLTP*
        Its capacity is 12.4 kWh. The high-voltage battery is placed under the back seats, without affecting the spaciousness and the boot space above the floor mat. The “e-SAVE” function allows the driver to set aside a reserve of electric energy to use when desired during his or her journey. This feature is useful in restricted driving areas. The battery is guaranteed 8 years, 100,000 miles for 70% of its charge capacity.
        Strapline Functions tailored to your needs: 
        - Full charge in less than 2 hours*
        - Real-time driving data 
        - Get a free 6-month charging subscription with bp pulse.
        - With MyPeugeot®, you can remotely manage battery charging and heating pre-programming.
        *With the optional 7.4 kW charger, full charge is possible in a maximum of 1 hour 45 minutes using a 7.4 kWh Wallbox
        **T&Cs Apply.


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        To make every moment your moment, you can count on the innovative and practical technologies of the new Peugeot i-Cockpit® and on the best combination of efficiency and performance of the range of plug-in HYBRID, petrol and diesel engines. ..

          Technological Spirit The new PEUGEOT i-cockpit is noticeably ergonomic and intuitive, providing easy access to the full range of features carefully designed to transform your time into quality time.
          - New compact heated steering wheel with all controls centralised: radio, media, phone, and driver-assistance systems
          - New digital head-up 3D holographic instrument panel
          The Peugeot i-cockpit is easily accessible to passengers for a shared onboard experience.
          - New intuitive and customisable multi-window touchscreen and new virtual i-toggles.
          - New centre console with multiple storage spaces.
          Improved User Comfort Through Design And Technology The new instrument panel displays all pertinent information to the driver. This instrument panel, which is located at eye level, includes a 10-inch digital screen from the active pack level. The 3D I-Cockpit in the GT version takes it into the third dimension. There are several display modes available on the fully customizable and flexible instrument panel.
          (Navigation*, Radio/Media, Driver Assistance, Energy Flow*, etc)
          New Central Console An arch on the driver's side of the finely crafted console groups all of the car's dynamic controls. The arch extends all the way to the dedicated smartphone wireless charging station*. All of the remaining console space is thus accessible to passengers and entirely dedicated to storage, with two cup holders and up to 34 litres of storage space available, including a large storage area under the armrest.
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