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Maintaining your vehicle with Fixed Price Repairs

We want to make your vehicle easy to maintain and service. That's why we have created a competitive fixed price range for Peugeot vehicles - available to all Peugeot owners, whatever the age of vehicle.

In addition, as a Peugeot customer you'll also benefit from:

  • The best equipment: Our technicians have the latest tools and diagnostic equipment specifically designed for Peugeot vehicles.
  • Technical updates: Any update released by Peugeot will be carried out free of charge, making your vehicle as up to date as possible.
  • Mobility solutions: Our range of solutions are available to keep you mobile whilst your vehicle is with us, these include courtesy cars, collection & delivery and lifts to local destinations.
  • Free vehicle health check: Every time your vehicle is with us it will receive a complimentary health check.
  • Service and repair history: Using our service as a Peugeot dealer will help maintain the resale value of your Peugeot.
  • Wash & Vacuum: Our free of charge clean will have your vehicle looking superb when it is due to be collected.

The options

​Originals - Suitable for all Peugeot Vehicles
​Essentials - Suitable for vehicles 3 years+
​Original parts benefit from being bespoke parts that are designed to fit your Peugeot perfectly. Peugeot Original Parts are designed for optimum durability, endurance and quality.Essential parts are approved by Peugeot and meet the standards they set​. They are a cost effective solution for cars over three years old. 


Brake discs, pads, drums, shoes and fluids all need to be checked regularly to ensure they are working correctly - giving you confidence that your car can stop safely. If you experience any of the below, we would advise for you to visit us to check your brakes are working correctly.

  • Brake pedal feels either stiffer or softer
  • Brake pedal vibrates when stopping
  • Your car is pulling to one side when you brake
  • Screeching or any other piercing noises from your brakes when stopping.

Prices (including fitting)

Peugeot PartsPeugeot Approved Parts
Front Brake Pads
£149 £99
Rear Brake Pads
£139 £95
Front Brake Pads and Discs
£279 £199
Rear Brake Pads and Discs £279 £229

Wiper Blades

Many accidents on UK roads occur due to the driver not seeing the road ahead properly, and faulty windscreen wipers are often to blame. Wipers should be checked at least once a year, and this could help avoid a failed MOT or scratches on your windscreen. You may need new wipers if you experience any of the following:

  • Wipes leave smears or streaks on the windscreen
  • Wipers aren't working smoothly or are noisy
  • Wipers aren't cleaning the entire screen

Price (including fitting)

​Peugeot PartsPeugeot Approved* Parts
New Front Wiper Blades £39

Timing Belt

Your timing belt is a small part to the engine, but is vital to get it in full working order. The belt helps control moving parts in your engine, including the crankshaft, camshaft and valves. Due to it being made from a rubber-based compound it can deteriorate over time and if it fails it may result in needing your entire engine replaced.

Price (including fitting)

​Peugeot PartsPeugeot Approved* Parts
Timing Belt Kit


​Battery failures can happen without any prior warning, so regular checks can help you gain peace of mind that your battery is in working order. Reasons to get your battery checked: 

  • Charging capabilities deteriorate over time
  • Latest in-car technology increases battery demand
  • Battery failure is the number one reason for breakdowns in the UK.

Prices (including fitting)

​Peugeot PartsPeugeot Approved* Parts
​Battery - Petrol Engine
​Battery - Diesel Engine
​Battery - Stop & Start​£199​£169


From a drop in fluid levels, to increased temperatures, your Peugeot's onboard computer checks and detects hundreds of sophisticated operations as you drive.

And it takes Peugeot's specialist diagnostics equipment and our highly trained technicians to interpret its results precisely. Our initial diagnostic charge is £114. If we need more time to diagnose a complex issue we will quote more accurately on an individual basis.

Book an appointment with your Dealer and let the Peugeot Experts carry out a full check on your vehicle.

Diagnostic Investigation Charge £114

Air Conditioning Refresh & Service

Air Conditioning Refresh £29

To stay free from pollen, pollutants and bacteria, give your car’s air conditioning an annual health check. Our refresh service checks all the main elements, including heater controls, internal fan speeds, the drive belt and pollen filter. In addition, we’ll treat the system to neutralise odours and bacteria.

Air Conditioning Service (All Gas Types) £199

Keep your car’s air conditioning working as it should and germ-free. In addition to everything our basic Refresh service provides, our thorough service renews the air conditioning oil and refrigerant gas, checks the hoses, cooling fan and cabin temperatures.