Celebrating 100 years of Mazda 


Beginning the journey as a manufacturer of cork products, Mazda rose to the challenge of rebuilding the community of Hiroshima and itself after World War II. From then, we have only used and accepted challenges as inspiration and drive to create the brand you see today.

The Evolution of Mazda

Since the start, Mazda have maintained the idea of creating cars that make you feel better- be it the eagerness of just getting in, the excitement while driving or simply the lasting happiness when you’ve reached your destination. Winning over the hearts of millions of drivers around the world, Mazda have incorporated and maintained their Kodo design philosophy throughout their range, they bring this year in celebration of all of this, an exclusive 100th year special model for each of their key passenger cars across their global line-up.

The exterior is decorated with a celebratory 100th Anniversary badge 

A subtle and exclusive alloy wheel centre cap

The key fob is imprinted with the 100th anniversary special logo

Interior headrest is embossed with homage of Mazda’s 100 years

Commenting on the 100th Anniversary Special Editions, Mazda UK Managing Director, Jeremy Thomson, said: “ Mazda Corporation has created these special models as a token of appreciation for the customers who have supported Mazda through the years. We’ll be proud to have special versions of the MX-5 Convertible, CX-30 and Mazda3 in our UK showrooms later this year. UK buyers have always loved special edition MX-5s so I’m sure that with its distinctive cherry roof and burgundy interior, the 100th Anniversary Special Edition Convertible will be very popular, while the first opportunity to have distinctive limited-edition versions of our latest cars: the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30 is equally exciting”.

Exclusive Line-Up

Created to be a line-up of the most exclusive Mazda’s on the road, the range will include a 100th Anniversary badge both inside and outside of the cars, as well boast a stand-out selection of colours available for the vehicles. Each vehicle will come with a bespoke key presentation box to be given on the vehicle handover and following delivery, customers will also receive a stunningly created, limited edition book detailing the 100th anniversary of Mazda, as well as a 1:43 model of the Mazda R360 that inspired this line-up of special edition models.