Why Mazda?

Jinba Ittai​

Every design Mazda create is based around one thing, you. They design cars in such a way to not only move you physically, but emotionally. It is know as Jinba Ittai, meaning the sense of being at one between car and driver. This is inspired by Japanese tradition, it symbolises the oneness between horse and rider, something completely natural, described as a true extension of your being that brings complete driving pleasure


Drive Together

You are never alone when you drive a Mazda - every car they create is not designed only to how the car reacts to the road, but how you, the driver reacts to the car. Every element of the car has thought behind the way it is, from the expertly crafted interiors, to the revolutionary Skyactiv Technology and Kodo: Soul of Motion design is engineered around the feeling it brings you. 'It’s this dedication, and our promise, to delivering the purest driving pleasure, that means we’ll always Drive Together.​'


Built For Pure Driving Pleasure

Years of dedicated research and fundamental technology advances are designed to ensure each car strives with perform and safely, and allow you to feel the purest sensation of driving excellence. Every time you get in to drive your Mazda you will feel the personalised journey the design teams have been though to enhance your driving experience. Each drive will be full of pleasure.


Designed For Driving Pleasure

What is a car without emotion? Just a machine. This is why we invented our Kodo philosophy. Each design is crafted in such a way to give them all spirit and motion, specifically inspired by the movement of wild animals - their leap, thrust and form. Each Mazda has its own character and individual design elements which build them into a one overall group, much like a real family. New generation Kodo design has further evolved, breathing life into each car by using light, shadow and curves to embody the release and flow of energy.