Skyactiv-X is an engine like no other. Mazda's pioneering engineers have succeeded where many others have failed. Skyactiv-X burns petrol more efficiently due to their Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI). It makes more power but produces fewer emissions and uses less fuel than a regular petrol engine for an even better drive without compromise.

How It Works

Skyactiv-X uses a unique Mazda technology called Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI). SPCCI combines the fuel-efficiency of a diesel with the power and drivability of a petrol engine. The engine switches seamlessly between conventional spark ignition and a compression ignition mode where a lean fuel-air mix is compressed so that it will combust even more efficiently. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Press Review


"With a little more fire in its belly courtesy of the Skyactiv-X engine, there's even more reason to pick the All-New Mazda3 as your next family hatch".


"Innovative, efficient and clever engineering that only improves the 3's already impressive package".


"The Skyactiv-X petrol engine, however, will very likely become the most popular powertrain option across the Mazda 3 range as it ticks all the boxes, offering the kind of economy and emissions one expects from a diesel but with none of the stigma now associated with diesel."




Better Fuel Economy, lower costs of motoring due to increased engine efficiency (including low tailpipe emissions for CO2 and NOx) - without compromising any power loss.

Designed for real world use, no change of driving style needed. he engine will run in SPCCI mode for maximum efficiency, and will seamlessly switch to a spark ignition mode for maximum power.

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Find Out More...

The below video gives an in-depth illustration of how Mazda's most advance engine works, showing you how they achieve low emissions, high efficiency whilst maintaining maximum power.