Japanese principles are at the forefront of Mazda cars.

Every Mazda is built with you in mind. Each car is designed to move you emotionally as well as physically. This feeling of unification between the car and the driver is what Mazda refer to as Jinba Ittai. It represents the oneness between horse and rider, something wholly natural, like a true extension of your body that offers pure driving pleasure, and was inspired by Japanese tradition. Recognising how simple things and paying attention to the details may have a significant impact is one aspect of that.

Mazda brought this to life in a compellingly different way with our #MomentsThatMatter series. Mazda invited three guests and a friend to take a moment out with vehicles from the Mazda CX range. They had time to connect with themselves and those that matter, stepping out of their day to day routine to experience something different, with Japanese traditions at the heart.

Like life, driving is about how small moments make a big difference to joy in our lives

Each day started with a personalised Japanese wellness coaching session with Japanese wellness coach Saori, founder of Mogami (more details below). This was followed by a Japanese-inspired activity and the opportunity to reflect on the moments that matter to them.

@Shellandthelittlies: My Japanese wellness sessions with Mazda really made me accountable to making small changes and focusing on the details that can make a big difference to my wellbeing.

@themumlife_styled: I’m so grateful for the most beautiful reflective day and it has taught me to savour moments of calm, even if they are alone in the car with your favourite song or catching up with your friend.

@YoannaHanbury :.. a reminder for myself to take it easy and enjoy the small moments in life.

Experience the oneness of driving – that connection is the passion and expertise that goes into designing all Mazda models

Mazda embrace Japanese culture and heritage in everything they do, and the Moments That Matter days are no different, showcasing Japanese culture all in the perfect surroundings of the Mazda CX range.

Visit us here at Norton Way Mazda to experience the Japanese principals that go into each Mazda car. See the designs up close or book a test drive to experience how your Mazda will drive.