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Car Subscriptions with Norton Way Mazda

Norton Way Group have joined up with Drover, the UK's leading subscription provider, to offer a range of our used cars from Norton Way Mazda as well as other manufacturers within the Norton Way Group.

The process is simple. You choose a car online, pay one all inclusive payment and we deliver your car straight to your door step. The all-inclusive payment covers not only the car, but your insurance, tax, servicing, maintenance, repairs and breakdown assistance.

To make things a little sweeter, we'll even give you £50 towards your first subscription if you use referral code: TERR816 when signing up.


What is Subscription?

Owning your car through subscriptions provides an alternative option to leasing or buying your car. Instead you pay a single monthly payment which makes owning and changing your car a lot simpler.

Discover the benefits of our subscription service below:

Subscription - All inclusive payment
Subscription - Pick your car
Subscription - Pick your contract length
Subscription - Pick-up or delivery
Subscription - Online Process

One Inclusive Payment

The only thing you have to do is add fuel! Your insurance tax, MOT, maintenance and breakdown cover are all covered.​

Find Your Ideal car

Pick from over 100 available cars across our dealer network. Including Nissan, Honda, Peugeot and Mazda.​ There's something for everyone, from city hatchbacks to large family SUV's.

Pick a Contract Length

Our flexible subscription service allows you to control how long your contract runs for, from 1-12 months or even on a rolling contract if it suits you best.

Pick up or Delivery

If you live within 50 miles, we'll deliver your car for free. If not you can collect your car at a time of your choice. Either way you'll be on the road within a couple of days.

Complete Online Process

Everything to do with the Drover process is done online and hassle free. You dont have to worry about MOTs, servicing or paper work.

Mazda CX-3 Sport Nav 2.0

Available from £605 per month
For 12 Months

Mazda6 Sport Nav 2.2

Available from £639 per month
For 12 Months

Mazda CX-5 Sport Nav 2.2

Available from £712 per month
For 12 Months

Start your Subscription today

If you are interested in Subscription, we are offering £50 towards your first subscription. Simply sign-up follow the link below and use REFERRAL CODE: TERR816