Kia Tyres

GWR Kia offers some top tips for maintaining your tyres as well as a wide range of tyres at extremely competitive prices.

Tyres are the only point of contact your Kia has with the road surface; therefore they should be checked regularly. Ensuring your tyres are up to standard can help reduce your risk of accidents and avoid any unnecessary police fines or points on your driving license.

What should you look for?


It is important to regularly check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, especially before a long journey. The correct values can be found in your Kia owner’s manual or give our aftersales department a call, we would be happy to help. Keeping your tyres at optimum pressure reduces your running costs and CO₂ emissions.


A common issue is your tyres wearing more on one side than the other, this can be simply fixed by adjusting your wheel alignment, just bring it into GWR Kia and we’ll put it right.


Check your tyres regularly for any visible signs of damage, which can include the tyre sidewall and foreign objects embedded into the tyre. If you spot anything unusual, why don’t you get one of our trained technicians to take a look?


Tread depths affect your vehicle’s stopping distance, the lower the tread the longer the stopping distance, especially in wet conditions. Our recommendation is that tyres should be replaced if your tyre depth is less than 3mm; this will maintain optimum driver performance and road safety.

What We Offer

GWR Kia offers a wide range of tyres at extremely competitive prices, for more information or a quote please contact us on 0203 841 0243 or email

To help you make informed decisions, new EU label legislation came into effect on the 1st of November 2012. As part of the legislation, customers must be provided with information on Fuel Efficiency, Wet Grip and External Rolling Noise.

Kia Tyre Labelling Information can be found here.