Buying a used Kia Sportage at GWR Kia

Kia, the award-winning Korean manufacturer, is well known for its economic performance, affordability, and strong construction. If you are a family motorist looking for a car to tackle the challenges of family life with ease the used Sportage car is an amazing option for you. The used Sportage car has a sleek and powerful SUV design with a rewarding feel to your drives. The used Sportage car has many family-fit features for example it is sturdy and practical, has generous cabin space, and large boot.

At GWR Kia, a state-of-the-art showroom located on Great West Road Brentford, we want you to feel confident that you are getting your used Sportage car in quality condition. Our site in Brentford is the largest showroom of the manufacturer in Europe and can ensure you an experience like no other when on the search for your used Sportage car with us. Things we do to ensure you are getting a quality car is that our car technicians do a detailed inspection on all used Sportage cars before they are qualified to go on sale. We also offer test drives with one of our team to ensure the used Sportage car you choose is right for you. We have a range of used Sportage cars on this page and are regularly updating our stock, so be sure to have a look and click on a Sportage model you like to find out more.

Whether you have a limited budget or want the highest available specification, we have a solution to meet your needs. When purchasing a used Sportage car you have options available of how you would like to do so for example to purchase without delays you can buy your used Sportage car online using our simple and secure online platform or apply online for vehicle finance. Otherwise, you can reserve your chosen used Sportage model from just £99 and avoid missing out.

You are welcome to book an appointment or test drive with us by clicking on your preferred used Sportage car or alternatively contact us for any help that you need with finding your used Sportage car.