MODEL LINE UP. Find out which vehicles are in the KIA model line-up The Kia new car lineup is always one of the most popular around, with something to suit every need. With the latest selection of hybrid options, there is almost certain to be a low emissions model to meet your demands.

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    FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do you charge a KIA electric car?

    Kia Electric Cars

    Mild hybrid models in the Kia range are able to self charge through a process known as regenerative braking. Plug-in hybrids, meanwhile, need to be connected to a suitable outlet either at home or in public in order to charge.

    How long does it take to charge a KIA electric car?

    Charging time depends on the model of vehicle and the charging solution being used. For many, charging takes place at home overnight.

    How far can a KIA electric car travel on one charge?

    The overall range of an electric vehicle is contingent on the particular model, your driving style, and road conditions. As such, there is no exact figure for all models, so you should liaise with a member of our team in order to learn more.

    Can I charge a KIA electric car in public?

    With thousands of charging points to be found throughout the UK - and with more being added all the time - you will be able to find a suitable public charging station in which to top up your vehicle’s battery.

    What is the road tax for a KIA electric car?

    Vehicle road tax is calculated according to CO2 emissions, so the exact cost of such charges will vary from model to model. Speak to us today to learn more.

    Do KIA electric cars need servicing?

    Yes. All vehicles, regardless of power source, require frequent servicing as advised in the car’s handbook.

    What are the benefits of KIA electric vehicles to the environment?

    Lower CO2 emissions levels mean fewer harmful gases being let out into the environment. This improves the air quality around us all and can make a huge impact on personal health.