Kia EV9 Introducing the Kia EV9


With extreme comfort and cutting-edge technology get ready to drive into the future with the award winning all-electric EV9.

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The new Kia EV9


  • 800v charging capabilities
  • 99.8kWh battery
  • Three-row seating
  • Second-row seats swivel 180 degrees
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)
  • Remote smart parking assist 2 (RSPA 2)
  • Highway driving Pilot (HDP)
  • LED daytime running lights (DRL)
  • 27-inch ultra-wide display
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Two 12.3-inch touchscreens
  • Navigation and telematics (AVNT) screen
  • Digital key 2
  • Traction control system with snow mode

The new Kia EV9

EV9 GT-line

  • GT-line exterior and interior styling
  • 21-inch wheels available

More coming soon...

Kia EV9 Features


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The new Kia EV9 combines a modern sleek look with a strong sculptured look creating a sophisticated design.

    Sleek and Sculptured Combining a modern sleek look with the structured and confident style of an SUV gives the new Kia EV9 & new Kia EV9 GT-line a sophisticated and distinctive outline.
    Tiger Nose Face facade The front end of the new Kia EV9 is a more modern and reinterpreted version of the design from Kia's BEV concept with the 'tiger-nose face facade'.


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    The new Kia EV9 is designed focusing on wellbeing and mindfulness the interior creates new levels of comfort and inspiration for passengers.

    Images are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual vehicle specification.

      Flexible Three Row seating Flexible three-row seating in the new Kia EV9 offers passengers a comfortable connected drive. First and second-row seat passengers can relax by reclining their chairs, second-row seats (in some models) can swivel 180 degrees and third-row seats come with cup holders and charging points.
      Touchscreen Technology The all electric new Kia EV9 comes with two 12.3inch touch screens merged with a 5inch segment display creating a smoother digital experience as you have effortless control over the vehicle's functions
      Panoramic Veiws Interior design in the new Kia EV9 is inspired by comfort, nature, and mindfulness meaning when journeying in the Kia EV9 you will undoubtedly feel connected to your surroundings. Ways they enforce this is through the 27-inch screen and panoramic roof.


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      With the Electric-Global Modular Platform and advanced technology, the new Kia EV9 can offer an athletic but safe performance that is reliable in all types of weather conditions.

        Performance extreme weather conditions With the new Kia EV9 having an extended wheelbase and low center of gravity this ensures stability when driving even on snow and ice. The Kia EV9 also has a traction control system with snow mode to improve the driving experience in challenging conditions.
        Fast Charging Speed The all-electric new Kia EV9 comes with 800 voltage charging capabilities, the Kia EV9 can obtain up to 239km in range in only 15 minutes.


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        With improved technology and software the new Kia EV9 offers improved safety, connectivity, and driving performance.

          Driver Assistance Technology Kia has made use of the advanced Driver Assistance System technologies and this is shown in the new Kia EV9. The new Kia EV9 can detect objects in a 360 field of view because of its 15 sensors and 2 lidars allowing the vehicle to assist with reacting to hazards and other users.
          Electric Global Modular Platform Kia has taken use of its extended wheelbase and flat electric architecture afforded by the industry's-transforming E-GMP. This ensures a cabin with a roomy interior and the athletic performance the new Kia EV9 comes with

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