Which level of electrified Kia would be best for me?

#GOElectric with Kia

What is a battery electric car?

A fully electric battery car is the pinnacle of efficiency end economy and better for the environment than a petrol or diesel car. Not only are they cheaper to run, they’re quieter and just as well equipped than any normal car. Simply charge it up at home or at a public charger and enjoy up to 282 miles on the road. The car will take care of the rest.​

What is a hybrid or self-charging hybrid car?

As the owner and driver, you treat it as a normal car and the car itself will take care of the rest. Simply fill it up with petrol and go. Mechanically, these cars have an electric motor powering an electric battery, which works in tandem with the normal engine. The electric motor will store up any energy that would otherwise be wasted – when slowing down for example, and pump it back into the engine to assist with acceleration. This means lower emissions, better fuel economy and money saved.​

What is a plug-in hybrid car?

Much like a self-charging hybrid, the plug-in hybrid (PHEV) has an electric motor, which powers an electric battery, which helps with the engine. The difference is that the battery on a PHEV is much bigger, allowing for a better range when driving on electric alone (up to 30 miles). The battery can charge itself a little when driving, but for the full benefit, you’ll need to plug-it in. This takes less than 3 hours to fully charge.

What is a mild hybrid?

A mild hybrid works in much the same way as a self-charging hybrid, but with a smaller battery. Due to the battery being smaller, a mild hybrid cannot drive on the electric motor alone. Instead the engine (petrol or diesel) does the majority of the work, while the electric motor provides assistance to keep emissions down and economy up. The battery is charged by recovering energy that would otherwise be wasted, when under braking for example.