Kia Software Update

Kia Software Update: Enhancing the Kia EV Driving Experience

Kia has unveiled a range of enhancements for its vehicles through a free software update. One of the most notable upgrades is the introduction of the Kia EV route planning. This latest software update, available for the Kia EV6 and all-new Niro EV fleet, aims to make the electric driving experience even more enjoyable and convenient for drivers. With the introduction of EV route planning, drivers can now embark on longer journeys without worrying about where to charge their electric vehicles. View vehilcles eligible for the software update.

Automatic Charging Station Waypoints

As part of the software update, Kia's navigation system has been equipped with the ability to detect charging stations along the route and add them as waypoints automatically. This new Kia software update feature allows drivers to travel long distances with peace of mind, even when their remaining battery charge is low. The system also intelligently recognizes when battery levels are insufficient to reach the destination and promptly alerts drivers, providing a selection of nearby charging stations.

Intelligent EV Route Planning Algorithm

The proposed route generated by the Kia EV route planning in this software update is based on a sophisticated algorithm that takes various factors into consideration. These factors include the state of charge, Live Charging POI information, current energy consumption, topography, weather conditions, traffic, and driver style or mode. By considering these variables, the system can offer drivers the most efficient and reliable route, tailored specifically for their electric vehicle.

Robust Data Management

To further enhance the reliability of the Kia EV route planning feature, the software update ensures that the Kia EV route planning information is maintained even in the event of server routing changes due to network issues. This new software update makes it possible that if you are in such cases, the EV route planning system performs recalculations, taking into account existing recommended EV points of interest (POI) and distance information. All Kia EV route planning data in the new software update is updated automatically when switching back to CCS mode, providing drivers with uninterrupted access to vital information throughout their journey.

Kia Software Update

Prioritizing Frequently Used Filling Stations

The software update also includes improvements to the search functionality for filling stations. Frequently used filling stations are now prioritized in the search results, making it easier for drivers to find their preferred stations. By selecting Navigation > POI categories > Filling stations > Near current position, drivers can view a list of filling stations near their current location, with a special emphasis on those that have been visited multiple times recently. Furthermore, favorite charging station data is now synchronized between the Head Unit and the phone application with the software update, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Soundhound Music Discovery Service

In addition to the Kia EV route planning feature, the software update also introduces the availability of the Soundhound music discovery service. With the Soundhound software update, drivers can enjoy their favorite music while on the road, further enhancing their driving experience. The integration of this service adds an extra layer of entertainment and convenience, allowing drivers to discover and enjoy new music effortlessly.

Refreshed Interface with Enhanced Icons and Symbols

The latest software update brings new icons and symbols, making the interface more intuitive and visually appealing. These enhancements contribute to a seamless interaction between the driver and the vehicle's software system.

Continuous Improvement through Future Software Updates

Kia's commitment to improving the EV route planning feature doesn't end at this software update. As technology advances, further software update plans happen and user feedback is received, Kia will refine the functionality of the Kia EV route planning feature, ensuring that drivers always have access to the best and most up-to-date Kia EV route planning features.


With the introduction of the latest software update, Kia has taken significant strides in enhancing the Kia EV driving experience for its customers. The Kia EV route planning feature, along with automatic charging station waypoints, Refreshed Icons and other improvements included in this software update, demonstrates Kia's commitment to providing a seamless and convenient electric driving experience. By continuously refining their software through future software update plans, Kia ensures that Kia vehicles remain at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry.