Three unique Sportage models have been developed by Kia UK, each of which draws inspiration from the "Terrain Mode" technology that comes standard on all-wheel drive (AWD) hybrid vehicles. The one-off Sportage "Mud Mode," "Snow Mode," and "Sand Mode" each demonstrate how the Sportage has the flexibility to fit into a variety of active lifestyles throughout the year.

‘Snow Mode’ for the winter

The "Snow Mode" Sportage is perfect for drivers who prefer spending time outside in the winter in the mountains because it is outfitted for colder climates.

By turning on "Snow Mode," the hybrid powertrain is optimised to keep moving forward in snowy, low-grip conditions. It restricts engine torque output while distributing it equally as feasible to all four wheels. To maximise traction, the traction control system (TCS) gently distributes small amounts of braking pressure to the wheels. In the meantime, the transmission makes shorter shifts while maintaining low engine rpm to avoid wheel slide.

This model has side steps for easy access, a ski and snowboard carrier, and steel crossbars on the roof. Despite passengers entering and exiting with boots covered in snow and slush, owners may more easily maintain the cabin clean thanks to all-weather mats and a trunk liner. A boot tidy bag offers a safe location to store wet apparel or ski and snowboard gear.

This specific vehicle also has winter tyres and an inside winter kit that includes a variety of supplies in case of unexpected snowfall. A wind-up torch, snowshoe grips, an ice scraper, traction mats, additional de-icer, and screenwash are some of them.​

‘Mud Mode’

The Sportage's "Mud Mode" offers more traction and control for drivers navigating muddy paths and fields, but it's not for individuals who want to be known as unadventurous stick-in-the-muds. It's the perfect answer for those who enjoy outdoor activities in the British countryside, for rural drivers, or for people who visit county fairs and festivals that are held in soggy fields.

Maintaining momentum in the mud is made easier by turning on "Mud Mode." In order to accomplish this, the engine torque is transmitted more smoothly throughout the AWD system, the wheels are operated based on a slightly delayed shift pattern, and more braking force is applied via the TCS.

The Sportage's "Mud Mode" trim is compatible with Kia's professional bike carrier, steel crossbars, and side stairs to make loading and unloading a mountain bike easier. It has all-around mudflaps and all-weather mats for the interior, just like the "Snow Mode" car, to protect the vehicle from mud. Additionally, it has a bumper flap that covers the flat boot lip and provides owners with a casual, easily cleaned seat in the back of the car—or a barrier against muddy pawprints. If you're carrying muddy outdoor gear or clothing, a longer boot liner means more of the interior will stay weatherproof.

‘Sand Mode’

Sand is a concern since it accumulates everywhere, especially in cars. But at least the Sportage's "Sand Mode" can navigate the sand with ease. This version makes it easier for drivers to navigate sandy roads, beaches, and even the desert if they so choose.

By coordinating increased levels of engine torque production with delayed up-shifts, "Sand Mode" helps reduce the possibility that the Sportage may become stuck in sand. Additionally, it distributes torque as evenly as possible across the AWD system, and when necessary, the TCS also supplies stronger braking power.

Although owners in the UK are unlikely to attempt desert dunes in their vehicle, the Sportage's "Sand Mode" is equipped for more typical beach experiences and watersports. Steel crossbars and a roof rack for a surfboard or bodyboard are accessible via side stairs. A trunk organiser is perfect for segregating wet, sandy beach gear from other goods in the boot, while all-weather mats and a trunk liner assist prevent sand from becoming embedded in the carpets. The "Sand Mode" Sportage has red bonnet and "razor" side decals for increased visual impact, while owners can alternatively select white or black decals.