An important message from our Management Team

Did you know that there is currently a global shortage of new cars, which means order waiting times are considerably longer than usual?

The production and delivery of new cars across all manufacturers has been delayed by up to several months, due to a shortage of semiconductor chips. These chips help control different functions, including everything from your car’s infotainment system to the assisted parking.

Kia’s market share in Europe is the highest it’s ever been, with customer orders still flooding in despite the shortage. If you were waiting until September to order a new 71 plate Kia, we would suggest that you pre-order now to get your car in the delivery queue sooner and avoid further delay. Thinking of upgrading or switching to an electric car? We have cars in stock such as the e-Niro, with delivery available from as little as 10 days!

Call us on 0203 841 0259 today, our sales management team will be on hand to explore your options.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards,

The GWR Kia Sales Management Team

John Rayment, Hugo Woodhead, Alessandro Torrisi, Dominic Trykowski-Law, Jessica Flynn & Antonio Miranda

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