The Kia Sportage has won ‘Best Medium SUV’ category at the Business Car Awards 2023, for the second year running.

Having last year won the outright title as ‘New Company Car of the Year’ and winning its category, the fifth generation of the popular SUV once again impressed the awards judges and came out top of the class.

Martyn Collins, Editor of Business Car, said: “The Sportage offers a choice of versions, including ICE, mild and plug-in hybrid power, all with a modern design – and they’re really good to drive. As such it’s our Medium SUV choice for another year.”

Consistently ranked as best-in-class, the Sportage is currently the sixth best-selling new car in the UK. The Sportage is available in four comprehensively equipped grades – ‘2’, ‘GT-Line’, ‘3’ and ‘GT-Line S’ – with a variety of electrified powertrains and flexible options. The practical, family and fleet-friendly SUV was awarded the coveted five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP.

Business car drivers will benefit from the Sportage’s efficient, economical and electrified powertrains that can deliver CO2 emissions as low as 25g/km (Sportage 1.6 T-GDi PHEV AWD), helping qualify for low Benefit-in-Kind tax bands.

In addition to the Sportage award, the Niro – available with hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully-electric powertrains – was a finalist in the ‘Best EV (under £40,000)’ category.


In the latest video to showcase Kia Europe’s partnership with League of Legends EMEA European Championship (LEC), four gamers experience the high-performance Kia EV6 GT to see if they are ‘tilt-proof.’ In gaming terminology, a ‘tilt’ is the act of getting upset, and ‘tilt-proof’ refers to staying calm when something doesn’t go your way.

In Kia’s Tilt-Proof Challenge, a professional stunt driver drove around a closed track. A series of cameras and sensors measured the gaming content creators’ heart rates and tracked their facial expressions for any signs of a ‘tilt,’ or an increase in emotion. The results can be viewed under the hashtag #tiltproofchallenge.

No player able to avoid a ‘tilt’

In a two-minute video, streamers @Werlyb, @Carmensandwich, @Broeki and @Romainjacques are introduced, followed by the vehicle and the term ‘tilt proof.’ Dynamic driving shots of the EV6 GT cut with gasps, screams, and heartbeats from the players create a high-energy atmosphere which is further emphasised by dramatic music. Medic, a former doctor turned caster for LEC, provides the moderation, explaining how the challenge works and calling the players out for their ‘tilts.’

Fun challenge unites gaming culture with Kia EV6 GT

The ability to stay ‘tilt-proof’ is part of gaming culture. In a rage-inducing game like League of Legends, it becomes harder for players to keep their cool. To encourage good sportsmanship,’ the game introduced a system where players can honour their teammates for being 'tilt-proof.’ For every level-up in their honour rank, players can receive in-game rewards. Receiving an honour for being 'tilt-proof' is not only a sign of good sportsmanship, but also very rewarding for the tilt-proof players themselves.