The bold and confident visual presence of the EV9 is inspired by Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, which harnesses the creative tension generated by the divergent values of nature and modernity to deliver a harmonious whole. Kia’s designers have fused a unique combination of sleek, sculptural shapes and assured, assertive geometry to deliver a strikingly contemporary yet gracefully serene SUV.

Exterior design: paving new paths for future electric SUV design

The designers at Kia are inspired by the company's "Opposites Unified" design ethos as they work to produce cars with unmatched aesthetic appeal. The 'Bold for Nature' ideology pillar, which encourages the fusion of elements from the natural and material worlds, in particular, has been essential in shaping the external design of the EV9. The end result is an automobile that deftly mixes the tranquil calmness of a sophisticated EV with the undeniable aura of tough competence for all situations, opening up new design possibilities for future electric SUVs.

The EV9's front is distinguished by straightforward, unambiguous body surfaces and lines that exude assurance, clarity, and calmness in equal measure. The EV9's distinctive "Digital Tiger Face" exudes a visionary and future look and feel and is accentuated by the "Digital Pattern Lighting Grille" and eye-catching vertical headlights. The bodywork of the Digital Tiger Face has two groups of tiny cube lamps next to each headlamp. The EV9's ground-breaking "Star Map LED daytime running lights (DRL)" produce a sophisticated animated lighting pattern that will serve as a visual cue for Kia's Digital Tiger Face on the company's upcoming EV cars.

Interior: new forms of space, comfort, and experience for all occupants

The Kia ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy ‘Technology for Life’ pillar ensures that only technology and innovation that promote positive, intuitive interactions between humans and machines are created – realising new possibilities for mobility. These values have played a pivotal role in the creation of the interior of the EV9. They have enabled Kia’s designers to prioritise space, comfort and technology for all passengers, reimagining what a family SUV can offer.

The EV9's long wheelbase, low beltline, and completely flat electric vehicle architecture, which were all made possible by Kia's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), have allowed for the creation of generous space for all occupants to connect and relax in lounge-style comfort in all three rows of seats. In order to ensure that the EV9 provides equal space, comfort, and experience for all occupants without putting all of its focus on the driver, Kia solicited feedback from families for its six- and seven-seat models.

Occupants sitting in the first and second-row seats can simultaneously recline their seats to relax and rest when the EV9 is charging. The seats in the second row can be effortlessly swivelled 180 degrees so that occupants can interact with those sitting in the third row. The third-row seats also offer cup holders and charging points for mobile devices.