Buying a used Optima at GWR Kia.

The brand's cars are well known for their economic performance, solid construction, and affordability. The used Optima can be a great option for family motorists due to the comfort and space for passengers or motorists looking to travel in style due to the sporty exterior. The used Optima car comes in the saloon or Sportwagon estate models. Other choices you have when on the search for a used Optima car are whether you want a Diesel engine, a high-performing petrol engine, or a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV).

Here at GWR Kia, the largest showroom in Europe of the Korean Manufacturer, you will have an experience like no other when on the hunt for your next used Optima car. We aim to ensure you are leaving our site with full confidence in your used Optima car, for example, our expertly trained car technicians thoroughly inspect every used Optima car before they can approve it for sale. Many of our cars are under seven years old, so check with us how many years old your car is as you may benefit from the remainder of the used Optima car's original warranty. Also, at GWR Kia we offer test drives with our car specialists to ensure that the used Optima car you choose is the right car for you.

Upon purchasing your used Optima car you may want to consider different payment processes. For example, to purchase without any delays you can buy outright or online using our secure and simple online platform, alternatively, you can apply online for vehicle finance and if you don’t mind a short wait, you have the option to reserve your chosen used Optima car from only £99. Further to purchasing your used Optima car a question you might have is how will I maintain my used Optima car? You may want to consider speaking with one of our team to find out what Kia care service plans/products we can offer you with your used Optima car.

We look forward to getting you behind the wheel of a pre-owned Optima car, so please contact us for any help you need or you can search cars on this page and click on your chosen used Optima car to find out more, book a test drive, and reserve.