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Ulti-Moto Total Protect

Ultimate Certamic Paint Protection + Ultimate Corrosion Protection

This product combines two industry leading products, Ceramic 10H and Ultimate Corrosion Protection giving you motorcycle total protection and keeping it looking brand new for longer.

Two care-packs are provided, offering you the ultimate care package and protection for your motorcycle all year round.


  • 125cc & under - £299
  • 126cc & over - £499


Protects your motorcycle's paintwork, metals and alloys

Protects againsts solvents, sunlight, acid rain and tree sap

Professional application ensures maximum coverage and durability

Making cleaning your motorycle quick and easy

Eliminates the need for harmful polishes

Highly hydrophobic - providing unbeatable weather resistance

Protects your electrical connections from corrosion damage

Long lasting barrier against rust and corrosion

Enhances the resale value

3 year warranty on Ceramic 10H Coating when professionally applied.



With modern water-based paint, your motorcycle needs additional protection to ensure it retains its factory finish.

Ceramic 10H is a professionally applied, industry leading, hard layer of protection that locks in the high- quality paintwork and prevents avoidable damage.

This enables you to quickly and easily clean your motorcycle with the care-pack we provide, whilst protecting against damage from the wrong type of cleaning and harmful elements.


Unfortunately, all the metalwork and alloys on your motorcycle need a powerful extra layer of protection in the fight against corrosion.

Our professionally applied, long-lasting protection system uses high pressure atomisation in a controlled environment to ensure maximum coverage and durability. As part of the process, we ensure swirling of the atomised product to enable it to reach hard to access areas. This results in unbeatable corrosion protection for your motorcycle.

Ulti-Moto Paint Protection

Test Results

As you can see from the image, Ulti-Moto product wins everytime in comparison to leading competitors

Ulti-Moto Customer Care pack

On-top of the Total Protect Ultimate Ceramic Paint Protection and Ultimate Corrosion Protection, you'll also receive a customer care pack designed to keep your motorcycle in its best condition.

Any Questions?

Q: Will I have to apply the Ulti-Moto Paint Protection product?
A: No the Total Protect product is applied professionally at our dealerships.

Q: Do i get a warranty?
A: The10H Ultimate Ceramic Paint Protection comes with a 3-year hassle-free warranty. All that is required is that you take reasonable care of your motorbike. This warranty is unique in the marketplace as no additional treatments are required after initial application (unless the motorbike is damaged, or paintwork is repaired). Ceramic Coat will need to be registered and applied by your Ceramic Coat dealer otherwise claims cannot be accepted.

Q: Who are Ulti-Moto?
A: The Ulti-Moto range has been developed to make looking after your motorcycle as easy as possible. Each product has been extensively tested to ensure that they perform to the high standards you would expect. Not only do they make cleaning your motorcycle a pleasurable experience, they also keep your bike in the best possible condition. Ulti-Moto products are designed to offer the ultimate protection for your motorcycle, wherever and whenever you use it.

If you have any more questions about our paint protection product, please contact your chosen dealership today.