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Unfortunately, many of us experience the trauma of a motoring accident and although you may not be responsible this doesn't lessen the damage. If you thought your scooter or motorcycle would never be the same again, do not worry, just leave it in our skilled and capable hands, your repair will be completed to the highest standards using only genuine parts.

Our engineers have a reputation for quality and excellent value that they pride themselves on. We use genuine manufacturer parts, body panels and approved paints and our fully trained & experienced repair specialists will ensure your motorcycle or scooter is restored to the high standard you expect and your Honda deserves.


Picking Norton Way Group Bodyshop Services

You ALWAYS have a choice where your bike goes after an incident, and our bodyshops at Chiswick or Letchworth can help no matter how the damage was sustained.

Once the Insurer/Broker has been notified of the claim they instruct their own “approved repairers” to deal with the bike. You might not know where your bike is or you might not even know how long it is going to be away for!

Whether you are claiming off your own insurance policy or whether you are holding another party at fault for the damage to your bike, we can assess the damage for you.

We can either work with your own insurer to repair the damage to your bike or, with the assistance of our motorcycle claims handling team we can take the claim to the ‘at fault’ insurer to settle all the costs, subject to liability.

By dealing with our Bodyshop teasm you are assured of a professional service with free advice on hand.

Our Services:

  • Bike Recovery - Collection of your bike from your address or from the scene of an incident. Remember that every Honda less than 2 years old comes with full AA assistance, just call 0800 521 728 and tell the AA representative to deliver your bike to us.
  • Repair Assessment - A fully priced and detailed estimate of the damage to your bike with professional advice.
  • Bike Repair - Your bike will be repaired to the highest standards, using only original parts.
  • Replacement Bike – Where you are holding another party at fault and your bike is not roadworthy, subject to mitigation, we may be able to provide you a replacement bike.
  • Claims Assistance - If the damage to your bike was not your fault we, with the assistance of our motorcycle claims handling team, can provide free claims assistance.

Visit our Bodyshops

The contact details for our two Honda Motorcycle Approved Bodyshops can be found below. Please contact either site to arrange a valuation or free to call or enquire if you simply have a question regarding our services. 

Chiswick Honda Bodyshop


​Chiswick Honda

4 Power Road, Chiswick, W4 5YT


Norton Way Honda Bodyshop, Letchworth


Norton Way Letchworth Bodyshop

Our Bodyshop in Letchworth is not based at our Honda dealership. Please enquire below and we will happily arrange an appointment for you to visit.