Honda Warranty and Extended Guarantee

Honda Warranty and Extended Guarantee have been designed to help cover you against any unexpected costs, giving you complete peace of mind.

Call our Service team today to discuss an extended guarantee for your bike starting from as little as £23.90 per month for bikes up to 15 years old!

Honda Warranty

All new Honda motorcycles & scooters receive a two-year warranty as standard​. 

The VFR1200 series are upgraded to a three-year warranty from the date of registration or sale. 

The full terms and conditions of your warranty can be found in your warranty booklet provided with your new motorcycle. 

​Riding in Europe

​All Honda on-road scooters and motorcycles have a European Warranty. We advise when you travelling in Europe to take your service and warranty booklet. It lists all Honda distributors across Europe. 

Honda Genuine Parts Warranty

Your Honda motorcycle is a collection of individual parts that fit together perfectly creating a seamlessly finished product.

When maintaining your bike we advise you should use Honda Genuine Parts, this ensures your bike will continue to perform how Honda designed​ it: giving you a superior ride, precise handling and road-holding qualities, all with the highest standards of protection.

All fitted parts are given a warranty of six months.

For more information on Honda parts please visit below:


Honda Genuine Accessory Warranty

Honda Genuine Accessories are built to exact factory specifications, giving a precise fit, superior function and integrated design.

All Genuine Accessories fitted by a Honda Dealer come with a two-year warranty if fitted at the time of Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Accessories purchased after first registration come with a 12-month warranty, or the balance of the vehicle's warranty - whichever is greater.

Any defective Accessories during this period will be repaired/replaced by any authorised Honda dealer free of charge.

Honda Extended Guarantee

Honda Extended Guarantee allows you to enjoy riding your motorcycle or scooter without having to worry about unexpected breakdown costs. For example, if a mechanical part fails, we'll pay for it to be replaced*.

*Terms and Conditions with exclusions apply. Please see the full terms and conditions for each product.

The Benefits:

  1. Ride as much as you like: All Honda Guarantees have no restriction in mileage, so you can ride as much as you like.
  2. Claim as often as you need: We don't put a limit on the number of claims.
  3. Expert knowledge: Our Honda trained technicians all have been expertly trained and only use the latest tools & equipment, plus will only fit your bike with genuine Honda Parts.
  4. Payment options: You can either pay for the Extended Guarantee in monthly payments or pay it all in one go.
  5. Sell the guarantee with your bike: You can sell the guarantee with you bike, which may increase the resale value.

Our range of Extended Guarantees

Our range of extended guarantees for new and used bikes give you extra peace of mind from day one. ​

New Bike Extended Guarantee


New Bike

If your bike is new, you can extended your manufacturer's warranty by an extra 12 months.

This can be done within 30 days of taking delivery and has less than 1,000 miles on the clock.


  • Up to 350cc: £239
  • 351cc - 800cc: £289
  • Over 801cc: £339


Nearly New Bike Extended Guarantee (less than 5 years old)


Nearly New Bike

​If your bike is less than 5 years old (Max mileage 60k) you will have mechanical and electrical cover.

Value of each claim limited to the purchase price of the bike. 


  • Up to 350cc: 12 months £239 / 24 months £389
  • 351cc - 800cc: 12 months £289 / 24 months £429
  • Over 801cc: 12 months £339 / 24 months £539


Older Bike Extended Guarantee (between 5 and 15 years old)


Older Bike

​If your bike is between 5 and 15 years old, you have listed component cover (up to £3,000 per claim). 


  • Up to 350cc 12 months £239/ 24 months £389
  • 351cc - 800cc: 12 months £289 / 24 months £429
  • Over 801cc:: 12 months £339 / 24 months £539


Older Bike

If your bike is between 15 and 20 years old (Max mileage 40k) you have listed component cover (up to £3,000 per claim).


  • Up to 350cc 12 months £239/ 24 months £389
  • 351cc - 800cc: 12 months £289 / 24 months £449
  • Over 801cc:: 12 months £339 / 24 months £545