17 Lucky Owners Pick Up Their New Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP John McGuinness 100th Start TT Replica

Wednesday, 12th July was a special day for some very lucky people. 17 new owners of the Limited Edition CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP John McGuinness 100th Start Replica attended the Honda Racing Centre in Louth to pick up their new bike – from the man himself.

The limited-edition JMG 100th start Fireblade SP, which was unveiled at Motorcycle Live last year, was almost immediately sold out. Each new owner then received their very own JMG 100th start Fireblade SP, complete with a brand-new JMG signature buried away, following a tour of Honda's racing headquarters, some photo opportunities, and the opportunity to speak with a true TT icon. A tour of the spectacular Honda Racing facilities was also included in the day.

McGuinness has a long history with Honda at the TT with 80 starts out of a total 108. His first lap in the 130mph plus bracket was in 2007, with his best ever lap of 132.7mph recorded in 2015. During the 2023 TT his fastest lap was 131.183mph, during the last lap of the Senior. And one detail to note; out of a total 1433.74 miles covered over the 2023 event, 430 were at full throttle… still super-fast, after all these years.

John McGuinness MBE really enjoyed his day out in Louth:

“I’ve come away buzzing. The bike looks mega but what means even more to me are the people I’ve met today. Like I said from the start the Fireblade has meant a lot to me and the TT over the last 30 years. But what I’ve been reminded about is that the TT is more than racing bikes. It’s the fans that come from all over, that make it the unique event it is. What a great feeling, to shake hands with the new owners of my 100th start Fireblade SP, hand over the keys and see something so special – to me, and them – roll out the race shop door. Awesome!”


Nicholas Taylor (number 2/30)

It’s been a day I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I own a few Fireblades and when this was launched at Motorcycle Live last year, I jumped straight in and paid my deposit hoping that I might be one of the lucky few to be picked. When I was told in December/January time that I’d be receiving number 2, I was absolutely delighted. I’m a big fan of John and enjoyed watching him at the TT and for him to be here whilst picking up this special Fireblade has simply made the day fantastic!

Rob Haywood (number 23/30)

Quite simply, I’m a massive Honda fan and had pretty much most of the Fireblades since 1992. I’m also a big TT fan, marshalled there for many years and have watched John since his first TT in 1996. As soon as the bike was launched, I had to have one. I specifically asked for number 23 which matches his current number of TT wins and to have him here, sign the bike and talk about his career and been absolutely awesome, what a day!