The EM1 e: is Honda’s first two-wheeled electric vehicle for customers in Europe, following the announcement in September 2022 of the company’s plans to introduce 10 or more electric two wheelers globally by 2025. It is also a notable first step towards meeting Honda’s stated aim of carbon neutrality for all its motorcycle line-ups during the 2040s.

The ‘EM’ stands for Electric Moped, and the model is aimed squarely at a young demographic looking for easy, fun, emission-free urban transport. It is compact, flat-floored, with smooth styling that marks out its difference and unique identity within the Honda range.

Perfect for short hops around town and making journeys to work or college efficient, quiet and emission-free, the EM1 e: syncs neatly with modern expectations for urban mobility.

Model Overview

The majority of the EM1 e: is conventional: steel underbone frame, telescopic forks, twin shock absorbers, and disc front/drum rear braking being traditional moped components. It is small, simple to handle, and offers clean mobility with fresh new appearance.

The electric in-wheel motor and Honda's proprietary Honda Mobile Power Pack e:, which can be removed for convenient home charging with a custom charging station, are what's actually new.

The EM1 e is completely furnished with a digital dash, top-notch switchgear, a spacious floor area, under-seat storage, and a USB charging port. It also features pillion footpegs, rear carrier and side stand for speedy parking.

Styling and equipment

Deliberately shaped to stand apart from its ICE siblings, the EM1 e: is slim and compact, blending a mixture of smooth, organic curves up front with a more angular, purposeful rear section. A 12V battery powers the scooter’s systems and all lighting is LED. A simple digital dash displays all the information that matters concisely, including remaining battery charge percentage.

There’s 3.3L of storage space under the seat, and an inner pocket large enough to store a 500ml PET water bottle can be found on the left side of the fairing front; on the right a USB socket for smartphone charging is a useful feature. There’s also a handy hook to hang a bag from, and grab rails for the pillion passenger.

A rear carrier is also fitted as standard while the pillion footpegs fold neatly into the bodywork when not in use. A useful 35L top box and rear carrier will be available as an optional accessory.

Battery and charger

The EM1 e: is powered by the 50V Honda Mobile Power Pack e:, developed in-house by Honda with the same relentless focus on durability, reliability and quality for which its internal combustion engines have long been known. A single charge will offer a usable riding range of 41.3km or approximately 48.0km in ECON mode under Honda’s internal test conditions (30km in WMTC Class 1 testing conditions) and the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: is designed to withstand different temperatures, humidity levels, impacts and vibrations.