Honda Bikes: Powering Ahead with Electrification and Championship Success

Honda Bikes, a prominent figure in the global motorcycle market, is pressing forward with electrification and racing triumphs. In this article, we delve into the company's strategic moves and recent accolades, such as the British Superbike championship victory and their ambitious electric motorcycle business plan.

Honda's Electric Motorcycle Business: A Revolution in Motion

Honda Bikes is set to reshape the future of the motorcycle industry with their electrification plan. The company aims to sell 4 million units of electric motorcycles annually by 2030, an increase of 500,000 units from their previous target. This comes with a promise of 30 new electric models being introduced globally within the same timeframe.

The Plan: More Models, Less Cost

The company plans to introduce a wide array of electric models, ranging from super sports, naked, offroad, kids' bikes to ATVs. The aim is to build a full lineup of electric models by 2030, meeting the diverse needs of the global customer base.

To make these electric motorcycles more accessible, Honda is also committed to cutting the current cost by half. This is to be achieved through cost reduction initiatives, such as optimizing battery cells, increasing production efficiency, and adopting common modules.

Investment and Profit Margins

To fuel this electric revolution, Honda is investing a hefty sum of 500 billion yen over a decade. The company expects this investment to pay off, targeting an operating profit margin of over 10% for the overall motorcycle business and over 5% for the electric motorcycle business by 2030.

Meeting Customer Needs with Connectivity

Honda's electric motorcycles will offer enhanced rider comfort and advanced features, including post-purchase software updates and a suggestion-based navigation function. The company aims to make the riding experience more seamless and enjoyable through these advanced connectivity features.

Powering the Future with Advanced Battery Technologies

Honda's electric motorcycles will be powered by a variety of batteries, including the current ternary lithium-ion batteries and the upcoming lithium ferro-phosphate (LFP) batteries. The company is also exploring the adoption of high energy density batteries, such as solid-state batteries, to further enhance the performance and range of their electric motorcycles.

Honda Racing UK: A Championship Victory

In another exciting development, Honda Racing UK recently welcomed the 2023 Bennetts British Superbike champion, Tommy Bridewell, to their team. Bridewell, a sixteen-times race winner, will be racing for Honda in the 2024 season, aiming to defend his title using the new 2024 Fireblade.

Tommy Bridewell: A Dream Come True

Joining Honda has been a dream come true for Bridewell, who is excited to defend his title with the company. He believes that Honda's experienced team and the new Fireblade are the perfect combination to help him achieve his goal of consecutive championship victories.

A Strong Team for a New Beginning

With Bridewell's addition, Honda Racing UK now boasts one of its strongest rider line-ups in recent years. The team is eager to begin the new racing season and is committed to fighting for the title.