CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports Introducing the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports Starting From £17,599.00
CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports



The Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports is a true powerhouse in the world of adventure touring motorcycles. With a focus on delivering thrilling adventures both on and off-road, this bike is designed for riders who crave excitement and versatility in their journeys.


Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport Specification

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  • Bore x Stroke (mm) – 92 x 81.5
  • Carburation – PGM-FI
  • Compression Ratio – 10.1:1
  • Engine Displacement (cc) – 1084cc
  • Engine Type - Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin with 270° crank and uni-cam
  • Max Power Output – 75kW / 7500rpm
  • Max Torque – 105Nm / 6250 rpm
  • Starter – Electric
  • Throttle Bore – 46mm
  • CO2 Emissions (g/km) – 112
  • Oil Capacity (L) – 4.9

Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
  • ABC System – 2 channel with IMU Selectable ABS MODE with ON road and OFF road
  • Brakes Front – 310mm dual wave floating hydraulic disc with aluminium hub and radial fit 4-piston calipers and sintered metal pads
  • Brakes Rear - 256mm wave hydraulic disc with 2-piston calliper and sintered metal pads. 2-Channel with rear ABS off mode.
  • Suspension Front - Showa 45mm cartridge-type inverted telescopic fork with dial-style preload adjuster and DF adjustments, 230mm stroke.
  • Suspension Rear – Monoblock aluminium swing arm with Pro-Link with SHOWA gas-charged damper, hydraulic dial-style preload adjuster and rebound damping adjustments, 220 mm rear wheel travel.
  • Tyre Size Front – 90/90-21M/C tube type
  • Tyre Size Rear – 150/70-R18M/C tube type
  • Wheels Front – 21M/C x 2.15 Wire spoke with aluminium rim
  • Wheels Rear – 18M/C x MT4.00 Wire spoke with aluminium ri
Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
  • Battery Capacity (Vah) – 12V-6Ah Li-ion BATTERY
  • Caster Angle – 27.5 °
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) – 2332mm X 960mm X 1558mm
  • Frame Type – SemiDouble Cradle
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L) – 24.8 L
  • Fuel Consumption – 20.4km
  • Ground Clearance (mm) – 250mm
  • Kerb Weight (kg) – 238kg
  • Seat Height (mm) – 850/870mm (Low Seat option 825, High Seat option 895)
  • Trail (mm) – 113mm
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 1,575mm
Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
  • Clutch – Wet, Multiplate with coil springs, Aluminium Cam Assist and Slipper clutch
  • Clutch Operation – Cable
  • Final Drive – O-ring sealed chain
  • Gearbox – 6-Speed
  • Transmission Type – Manual Clutch Transmission
  • Quick Shifter – Optional Accessory

Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
  • 12V Socket – Yes
  • Headlight – LED
  • Ignition System – Electronic, digital transistor
  • Instruments - LCD METER 6.5inch TFT Touch Panel Multi information display
  • Tail Light – LED
  • Daytime Running Lights – Yes
  • Cornering Lights – Yes
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth Audio and Apple Car Play
  • USB Socket – Yes (USB Type A, 1.5A)
  • Self-Cancelling Indicators – Yes
  • Cruise Control – Yes
  • Emergency Stop Signal – Yes
  • Security – Immobiliser + Optional Alarm
Honda 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports
CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports Features


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The Africa Twin Adventure Sports also boasts a sleek new style that exudes modernity and aggression. The 19-inch front wheel not only enhances the bike's off-road abilities, but also adds to its overall aesthetic appeal, making it a head-turner wherever it goes.

    Adventure Sports Design The Africa Twin Adventure Sports is the perfect package for the long haul. Engineered for comfort as well as performance the front fairing protects while the height-adjustable screen lets you tailor airflow. The 24.8L fuel tank gives greater autonomy, while the large engine skid-plate plate and premium aluminium panels protect the machine.
    Durable 58L Plastic Top Box Made with highly durable dual-layer shell the 58L top box can store two full-face helmets and carry a maximum load of 6kg. It uses the Honda one-key system so can be opened with the Africa Twin’s ignition key, but also features an opening/closing knob for easy access with the key. Available separately are the rear carrier for mounting, pillion backrest and waterproof inner bag.
    Durable Plastic Panniers Constructed from a tough dual-layer structure both 40L and 30L right panniers benefit from lid protector frames. Width between them is less than 100cm. The left pannier will hold a full-face helmet and each pannier carries 6kg. The opening is via the Honda One-key system and fastening secure thanks to a double-catch lid lock.
    Stainless Steel Radiator Protectors Constructed from stainless steel- and sporting the CRF logo – these radiator guards elevate adventure style and their mesh pattern design projects from the stone damage without hindering cooling airflow.
    Comfort The riding position, is tailored for sitting and standing with high-set handlebars and contoured, slimmer seat width. Taut rally-style bodywork is equally slim with compact front fairing and screen. Dual headlights are full LED and have automatic DRL technology for piercing and consistent daytime visibility.


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    To improve safety, the new dual LED headlights feature Daytime Running Lights (DRL) for consistent daytime visibility. They also incorporate Cornering Lights which – dependent on speed and lean angle – automatically illuminate corner blind spots. Heated grips warm hands while cruise control deals with large distances; there’s also an ACC charging socket. And tubeless tyres mean easy roadside repairs.

      Powerful 1100CC Engine When you’re loaded, with passenger and luggage, you need an engine that responds strongly to every input, especially for passing. So we’ve tuned an extra 5Kw/5Nm of peak power and torque into the parallel twin-cylinder powerplant and lifted performance throughout the rev-range. A new cylinder head, throttle body, and ECU deliver precise throttle control.
      Wheelie Control The IMU measures the pitch angle and, combined with front and rear wheel speed, manages the amount of height the front wheel gathers relative to the level of intervention selected. Level 1 is minimum Wheelie Control, level 2 medium and level 3 maximum. Wheelie Control can also be switched off completely.
      Honda Selectable Torque Control If the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system senses an imminent loss of rear-wheel traction it reduces torque to allow the tyre to grip.
      Cornering ABS The IMU-controlled ABS manage braking force relative to lean angle, speed of deceleration and front and rear wheel slip ratio maintaining traction to the limit of adhesion. Lift of the rear wheel is also controlled. There’s an off-road setting and the rear brake ABS can also be switched off.


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      One of the standout features of the Africa Twin Adventure Sports is its twin-cylinder engine, which has been optimized to provide even more torque than its predecessor. This means riders can enjoy smooth acceleration and power delivery, no matter the terrain they are tackling. Whether cruising down a highway or navigating rough off-road trails, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports is up to the task.

        Dual Clutch Transmission Our unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is also an option when you make your choice, with automatic and manual shifting as well as G switch (selected via the TFT touchscreen) which for off-road riding reduces the amount of clutch slip during gear changes to help initiate sliding of the rear wheel.
        Optional Showa EERA Suspension When you come to choose your new Africa Twin Adventure Sports – and because who knows where the open road’s going to lead – there’s the option of SHOWA ELECTRONICALLY EQUIPPED RIDE ADJUSTMENT (SHOWA EERA™) for optimum suspension settings all the time
        Six Riding Modes Selection of the riding modes are easy, through the top left of the touch screen. There are four default riding modes – TOUR, URBAN, GRAVEL and OFF-ROAD – that modify engine response and engine braking. DCT G switch and Cornering ABS with each designed to deliver ultimate performance. Two user modes also allow for full customisation, allowing you to find the right set-up to suit your own personal preferences.
        Optional Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) DCT is an automated clutch and shift operation
        system that retains the direct acceleration feel
        of a manual transmission with the ease of use of
        an automatic. DCT allows the rider to focus on accelerating, turning and braking, rather than gear shifting. This increases confidence and control for the rider. DCT technology takes the joy of riding and controlling your machine to the next level.


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        The Africa Twin Adventure sports is ready for your journey. Whether around city blocks or around the world. And because the road can be a long one, we’ve built-in advanced riding technology in support of your travels, all of which is easily controlled by a full-colour Multi Information Display (MID) TFT touch screen.

          Three pre-set Modes Three pre-set modes cover all scenarios between touring, city and off-road riding. Rear spring preload can also be adjusted electronically while stationary to suit load, whether riding solo or with pillion and luggage.
          TFT Touch Screen Display Engage with the journey. A full-colour 6.5-inch TFT touch-screen offers immersive selection of riding modes and easy control of navigation and Bluetooth smartphone/audio connectivity. Apple CarPlay® allows seamless mirroring and management of iPhone apps or calls via the touch screen.
          Dual LED Headlights with DRL and Cornering Lights The new dual LED headlight delivers a penetrating beam and also features dual Daytime Running Lights (DRL) that automatically adjust to ambient light intensity and give a bright, highly visible light improving safety. Additional Cornering Lights use speed and lean angle to automatically illuminate blind spots when cornering in the dark.

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