New Honda CB125F VS Public Transport

We saved £626.40 per year by commuting on a New Honda CB125F!

Public transport often feels like the only feasible way to get around a busy city, with trains that run every few minutes, bus stops on most roads, and taxi firms covering every inch of the rest. We understand public transport may be the obvious choice, however, after conducting a real-life test, we've got a comprehensive list of reasons why you may want to consider commuting on a motorbike. We have a wide range of scooters and 125s available including the MSX125 (Grom), Honda CB125F, PCX, and Forza 125. Below is our guide to why commuting on a Honda motorbike is the better option.

The Experiment

We had two of our sales team conduct a real-life experiment to see if commuting on a motorbike actually saved you time and money when compared to commuting by public transport. We started the experiment at our Chiswick Honda branch and commuted to Picadilly Circus in Central London. To test different ways of commuting in London, Rory was riding a new Honda CB125F to beat the London traffic, while Ram was on public transport as a typical commuting route in London.

Cost of Bike Finance Payment / Train Ticket (per day)£1.90£2.90
Fuel Costs
24p* £0.00
Total Daily Spend (Return Journey)£2.59£5.80
Journey Time25 minutes45 minutes
Total Spend (1 Year)£765.60£1,392**
Total Savings (over 1 year)£626.40

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Breakdown of Bike Costs (Based on a new Honda CB125F)

  • Bike Finance costs based on the following PCP Offer
  • £59 a month or £1.90 per day
  • 48-month term INCLUDING COMPLIMENTARY: 3 years servicing, 3 years warranty & 3 years paint protection with warranty
  • Plus fuel costs for commuting from Chiswick Honda to Piccadilly Circus, London: £0.24*

More about the Honda CB125F

When you pull back the throttle on the Honda CB125F you'll experience the smart acceleration from the punchy, single-cylinder engine combined which makes commuting easy, efficient, and fun. The Honda CB125F features the signature CB-family style of a broad-shouldered fuel tank and silver side shrouds. To help you ride with comfort when commuting there’s wind protection from the angular nose fairing and fly screen, and the blacked-out engine and exhaust make bright graphics stand out sharply. Red rear shock springs add a sporty detail. A premium LED headlight picks out the way forward. The Honda CB125F comes with a center stand for easy parking once you've completed your day of commuting in London.

We know you might be riding a motorcycle for a number of reasons, but escape a busy commuting route with a new Honda CB125F. The new Honda CBF125F could be the beginning of your new adventure, whether it's just for commuting, or day-to-day use. Redesigned from the wheels up around a super-efficient eSP engine and fine-handling chassis, it’s much lighter, much more economical for commuting, and still packs the same great around-town performance. The new Honda CB125F has been built with a full-sized feel, for a full-sized experience that gives you a feeling of presence on your commuting routes around London. The new Honda CB125F model is 11kg lighter than the previous version, which you’ll notice when you twist the throttle and steer into a turn. Equipment includes a digital dash and LED headlight which helps visibility on busy commuting journies. With commuting in mind, Its single-cylinder air-cooled, 2-valve eSP (enhanced Smart Power) PGM-FI fuel-injected engine has been designed tough and efficient which helps you keep costs down. That’s why it can deliver smart acceleration and fuel efficiency of 65km/l – giving a potential approximate range of 500 miles between fill-ups for everyday use and commuting in London.

More Honda Scooters & Honda 125's

If a new CB125F isn't the bike for you, then we have plenty more new Honda bikes available. We have a range of new Honda bikes including the Honda PCX125, Honda Forza 125, Honda SH125, and more.

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Ever wondered how far you could ride a Honda motorbike on £5 of fuel?

You can ride up to 130 miles on a new Honda motorbike for just £5 of fuel! Below is a table with a range of Honda motorbikes and figures around fuel costs and mileage:

Honda ModelFuel Consumption (km/L)Fuel Consumption (mi/L)Range (on £5 of fuel)^Full Tank RangeCost To Fill Tank
CB125F 66.7 km/L 41.4 mi/L 137 miles 455.4 miles £16.50 (11.0L)
MSX125 Grom 65.7 km/L 40.8 mi/L 135 miles 244.8 miles £9.00 (6.0L)
VISION 110 54.5 km/L 33.9 mi/L 112 miles 166.1 miles £7.35 (4.9L)
PCX125 47.6 km/L 29.6 mi/L 98 miles 239.8 miles £12.15 (8.1L)
NC750X 28.6 km/L 17.8 mi/L 59 miles 251.0 miles £21.15 (14.1L)
CB500X 27.8 km/L 17.3 mi/L 57 miles 302.8 miles £26.25 (17.5L)
CRF1100L Africa Twin DCT 20.8 km/L 12.9 mi/L 42 miles 242.5 miles £28.20 (18.8L)
CB650R 20.4 km/L 12.7 mi/L 42 miles 195.6 miles £23.10 (15.4L)
NT1100 20.0 km/L 12.4 mi/L 41 miles 253.0 miles £30.60 (20.4L)

* Costs based on £0.03 per mile, at today's average petrol cost of £1.53 per litre, costing £16.90 to fill a tank with a total range of 497 miles.

** Total Commuting Costs via underground based on a trip from Gunnersbury Station to Picadilly Circus, London at £5.90 for a return journey. Yearly costs totals to £1,392 based on 5 journeys per week, on 48 working weeks in a year.

^£5 of fuel equates to 3.33 litres based on £1.50 per litre for unleaded petrol (current average UK fuel price as of 09/01/2023). Fuel data taken from Fuel prices are correct as of 09/01/2023, but are subject to change without notice. 1 kilometer per litre = 0.6214 miles per litre.Fuel consumption figures quoted are results obtained by Honda under standardised testing conditions prescribed by WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle) for comparative purposes. Range/distance stated for a particular value of fuel is based on these test figures and may not be achievable in real life. Actual fuel consumption and actual distance travelled on a particular value of fuel may vary depending on the price you actually pay for fuel, how you ride, tyre pressure, rider weight, cargo and other factors.