Used Honda Forza 125

Ever asked the question, “Is there a Honda Forza 125 for sale near me?” If so, we’re happy to tell you the answer is yes – especially if you’re based in or around South West London.

Here at Chiswick, Letchworth and Wimbledon Honda Motorcycles, we provide easy access to more than 150 high-quality used Honda bikes, including the Forza 125.

There’s much to recommend this class-leading bike which makes hay with its 125cc engine while offering the sort of quality and reliability one has come to expect from the Japanese brand.

Moreover, the Forza 25 is a great option for beginners; it’s quite light for its class, ensuring nippy urban performance levels. Nevertheless, outside of the city, it’s a more than capable cruiser.

Please take the time to study our high-quality used Honda Forza 125 models, and don’t forget to consider our flexible finance solutions.

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What are the key features and specifications of the Honda Forza 125?


●       33mm telescopic forks
●       Disc brakes plus two-channel Anti-lock Braking System
●       Honda Selectable Torque Control
●       Idling Stop Technology
●       Adjustable electric screen
●       USB-C charging port

What is the fuel efficiency of the Honda Forza 125?


It returns up to 90mpg.

Is the Honda Forza 125 available with manual or automatic transmission?


It’s equipped with continuously variable transmission (CVT), a type of automatic transmission.

How reliable and durable is the used Honda Forza 125?


Honda has an excellent reputation for the reliability of its bikes and cars, and according to BikeSocial, the Forza 125 is “very durable and reliable”.

Does the Honda Forza 125 offer advanced technology features such as touchscreen infotainment and connectivity options?


Other than LED head and taillights, the bike features an LCD fuel meter. More recent models are equipped with an improved LCD dash and a USB-C charging socket.

How does the Honda Forza 125 compare with its competitors in terms of price and features?


The Forza 125’s two main rivals are the Kawasaki J125 and the Yamaha XMAX 125. Of the three, the J125 tends to be the cheapest while the Forza 125 and XMAX 125 are very similarly priced. The Honda is arguably better designed and built than the Kawasaki – and it’s slightly more compact than the Yamaha.

Can the used Honda Forza 125 be customised or upgraded with additional accessories?


Yes. For instance, the following are available:
● 45-litre SMART Top Box – five colour options
● 35-litre Top Box inner bag
● Rear carrier
● Heated Grips