10 reasons why the new Honda Civic Diesel makes the perfect fleet or company car.

The new Civic Diesel is now available to order and it’s even more efficient, spacious and thrilling than its predecessor.

1) The emissions are super low, making it cleaner than your average diesel – and petrol – car.

The Civic’s 1.6 i-DTEC engine is one of the first to pass the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) procedure. This is a new series of tests which has been designed to reflect real-world driving conditions. The vehicle was also tested under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test, emitting only 93g/km of CO2, this means its 22.6% cleaner than your average new UK diesel car, and 25% cleaner than your average new UK petrol car.

2) 33% quicker than the old model

The new diesel engine is 33% quicker than the 2008 model. This means it will go from 0-62mph in just 10 seconds and produces 120PS @ 4,000rpm.

3) Weight saving engine technology

The engine features an advanced fuel-injection system, turbocharger and all-aluminium engine block, this saves weight resulting in a better drive.

4) Class leading boot space

The precise amount of total space is 1,267 litres. This means you could fit up to 12 large suitcases with the rear seats folded flat. The boot space with the rear seats up equals a total of 478 litres.

5) More fuel efficient than the previous-generation Civic

The Honda Civic Diesel has become famous for its ultra-efficient engine and resulted in previous generations breaking the fuel efficiency Guinness World Record. The new Civic Diesel has built on this success and improved the engine to produce a huge 80.7mpg*

*NEDC Figures

6) Made in Britain

The Civic Diesel is built in Honda’s UK manufacturing plant in Swindon. Picking this model is also helping to support British jobs.

7) Cutting-edge technology

The latest smart technology is available on the Civic to keep you safer on the roads. Standouts include Collision Mitigation Braking system, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist.

8) Pays to choose

The Civic diesel is guaranteed to save you plenty of money on motoring expensive. The vehicles BIK is calculated on the car’s efficiency which is ultra-low, and starting from just 21%.

9) Stay connected whilst on the move

In today’s world is important to stay connected whilst on the move. Access your smart phones interface – via Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ - to the vehicles 7” touchscreen, which allows you to make calls, send and receive message plus access your apps.

10) Now available

The i-DTEC diesel engine joined the Civic range in February 2018, meaning it is now available to order. Contact us today for further information.