Exploring vehicle-to-grid charging benefits at Norton Way Nissan

Our Norton Way Nissan dealership is preparing to take part in an exciting project that will help companies make the most of electric vehicles and their associated infrastructure. The ‘‘proof of concept’’ initiative will look at opportunities that exist in the spheres of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technology.

Norton Way’s parent company, Marubeni, will be working with SmartestEnergy, the next-generation energy firm it owns, and leading technology businesses Grid Edge, Virta and Origami. The aim is to encourage EV adoption across the UK and to help businesses work out how best to electrify their fleets and make the most of the high-tech batteries inside electric vehicles.

Norton Way Nissan, run by Marubeni Auto Investment (UK) and part of the Japanese trading conglomerate Marubeni Group, will be involved in the scheme for at least a year. In addition to V2G and V2B testing, the project will look at the integration of solar panels into the overall picture.

The plan centres on the use of electric vehicles to help with the dealership’s energy requirements when they aren’t being used. The cars will be charged overnight when the demand for electricity is less, and while power can be obtained more cheaply.

With the use of renewable energy and bi-directional chargers, the business will be able to cut costs by using electricity stored in electric vehicles.

Special simulations will be run to look at demand levels, EV usage and associated factors such as tariffs and connection constraints.

Tomoki Nishino, General Manager of Marubeni Europe’s Power Business Unit, said:

“Bringing together leaders in the energy and technology space is imperative, as we consider the ways in which we can positively contribute to the UK’s net-zero transition.
‘‘The involvement of Marubeni group companies including our wholly-owned next-generation energy company, SmartestEnergy, will shape our direction of travel and influence our project outcomes for the better. “I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in support of UK businesses wanting to play an active role in the energy transition.”

Neal Grainger, Financial Director of Norton Way Group, said:

‘‘Norton Way is excited and proud to be a front-runner in the automotive sector’s electric revolution.‘‘It’s a fact of life that the UK needs to become more agile in terms of its energy usage. We see our proof of concept project as a great opportunity to flatten our energy requirements as a business whilst offering a real opportunity for this technology to become widely accessible in the future, not just for car dealerships but all businesses. ‘‘We can see a future where businesses buy an energy solution in which renewable energy and electric vehicles are fully integrated to deliver environmental and economic benefits. Some people have concerns over the longevity of the motor industry, but here at Norton Way, we are determined to stay ahead of the curve in providing mobility solutions to our customers for many years to come.’’