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Honda e
Honda e

Chassis and platform

Honda have built the e platform to suit urban environments, which required precise and responsive driving experience. To deliver this, Honda ensured that the car has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution with a low centre of gravity. This will ensure that the car is built for optimal handling and stability. The power from the high-torque powertrain will be delivered through rear wheel drive to ensure that the car can apply maximum power and traction and steering at high speeds.

With dimensions similar to that of the original Mini, largely known as one of the best handling cars of all time, both with compact size and next to no overhang, the Honda e delivers next-gen small car agility. Not only does this make it a safe car to drive, but an exhilarating one too. It will also make it easy to fit into tight spaces – an essential feature for inner city driving.

Battery and charging

The new, reliable 35.5 kWh battery offers a range of over 125 miles, with the rapid charger allowing the battery to charge up to 80% charge in only 30 minutes.

The charging port is integrated into the bonnet with a LED charge indicator to visibly display the charging status, easily readable at a glance. When on the go, the battery charge will be projected onto the dual touchscreens inside the car to present the driver with the current level of battery charge.

Honda’s new compact electric car is a key part of the brand’s latest electrification commitment to feature electrified technology in 100% of its European sales by 2025. Presented in prototype form at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the first Honda production battery electric vehicle for the European market will make its mass production debut later this year.

Honda has already received 31,000 expressions of interest across Europe with over 9,000 coming from the UK. Customers can visit to make a reservation for priority ordering.