Mazda MX-5 RF named 'Best Cabriolet' in the 2018 UK Car of the Year Awards

Mazda MX-5 RF takes home the award for the 'Best Cabriolet' in this years 2018 UK Car of the Year Awards. Judges felt it was the best priced for the amount of enjoyment it creates for the driver.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Great looks and expands MX-5 ownership to a wider audience while retaining its on-road feel and driving experience,” Nat Barnes

“The fourth-generation Mazda is the best version of the roadster since the ground-breaking original of 1989. It is only improved by the folding hard-top arrangement, which ramps up the refinement levels and bolsters the appearance of the car,” Matt Robinson

“A very different take on the MX-5 theme but one that works brilliantly to give this open-top a truly dual nature,” Al Suttie

“It looks great and manages to give the iconic MX-5 a different character to the roadster,” Paul Barker

“There are few cars at this price point that offer this much enjoyment. The extra refinement and fastback styling of the hard top just makes it a better all-rounder,” Alex Grant

“The MX-5 RF is every bit as much fun as the soft-top, but easier to live with every day and in all weathers,” David Motton

“Good looks, technically clever and great fun to drive – at a fraction of the price of most others in the class,” Chris Russon

“Mazda has been careful not to add weight to the compact convertible and the result is a sports car with a unique visual appeal but familiar, old-school dynamics,” Tom Sharpe

“Making a convertible more accessible for company car drivers is great and the MX-5 is one of the most fun budget sports cars money can buy,” Debbie Wood