Skoda tops out YouGov 2020 Recommended car rankings

It has been revealed that Skoda sits at the top of the list of car brands consumers would recommend the most in the UK, according to analysis by YouGov.

YouGov’s 2020 Recommend rankings showed the brands with the highest percentage of their own customers recommending them to friends or colleagues.

Skoda took first place with 82%, closely followed by Volvo at 82% and then Lexus, Honda and Audi in joint third place, both with 81%.

German and South Korean car manufacturers were also equally well-represented, with each country occupying two spots: Audi ranks fifth (also with around 81%) and Mercedez Benz comes in ninth with 78%; while Kia takes sixth with 80% and Hyundai earns eighth place (79%).

Julian Tooke, global director of product integration at YouGov, said: “Although Skoda comes first out of all of the brands in the Car Brands sector, all ranked brands had high recommended rates so even small increases or decreases could change who comes first next year.”