On Wednesday 10th October 2018, Norton Way Group supported the 'Hats on 4 Ben' Charity Day with staff members donating and digging out their best hat to wear to work. The charity day was in support of World Mental Health Day.

Ben is a non-profit organisation that partners with the UK's automotive industry to provide support, aid and guidance to its employees and families. Ben’s holistic care and support services focus on the four pillars of health and wellbeing: financial, physical, mental and social, enabling people to navigate life’s toughest challenges and empowering them to make lasting, positive change. They also provide self-help tools and expert advice to enable people to improve and maintain their total health and wellbeing.

In addition to their lifelong support services, Ben also provides high quality care and support for those in later life at their excellent residential care centres, assisted living apartments, day care centre, through their Home Care service and, for the more independent, at their award-winning retirement village.

Take a look below at some of our hat entries: