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Honda Griffin Military & Diplomatic Offers

Honda Defence Discount Service and Blue Light Card Programme

We're pleased to announce that we have partnered with Griffin Military & Diplomatic to provide you some fantastic Honda car savings to armed forces, as a special 'thank you' from Honda UK for your service to our Queen & country. These offers are exclusive and not open to available to the general public.


The programme was designed with the belief that if you've every served your country, you should be supported both while you're serving and afterwards. That's why our discounts are also available to veterans and reservists as long as you hold any of the following discount cards.

Defence Discount Service

Customer eligibility:

  • Serving Military personnel – Tri-Services (Army, Royal Navy, & RAF)
  • MOD Employees – Those working for and paid by the MOD itself.
  • Tri-Service & MOD Veterans – Those having served their Queen & Country
  • DDS Card holders – Members of the Defence Discount Service
  • Reservists – Tri Service reservists, or cadet forces
  • RNLI Volunteers – (RNLI members are eligible for a DDS Card)

Blue Light Card

Customer eligibility:

  • Serving and Retired Police Officers
  • Serving and Retired Fire Fighters
  • Serving and Retired Paramedics
  • NHS Registered Doctors & Nurses
  • Serving and Retired Prison Officers
  • Serving Community Support Officers

Boundless CSMA Card

Customer eligibility:

  • Serving Civil Servants
  • Retired Civil Servants

About Griffin Military & Diplomatic

Since 2002, Griffin has grown to become officially the largest Military & Diplomatic new car dealer in Europe. No other dealer offers more forces cars, both here in the UK or overseas - growing to sell just over 1,600 of new tax free and tax paid forces cars every year.