CB650R Introducing the CB650R Starting From £7,799.00


Every day is a journey.

Start yours today with the new CB650R. With the distinctive performance of raw sports street fighters and stripped-down Neo Sports Cafe styling, the CB650R is ready to take you on an unforgettable urban adventure.


Honda CB650R Specification

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Honda CB650R


  • Bore x Stroke (mm) – 67 x 46
  • Carburation – PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
  • Compression Ratio – 11.6:1
  • Engine Displacement (cc) – 649
  • Engine Type – Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4 cylinder
  • Max Power Output – 70kW/12,000rpm
  • Max Torque – 64Nm/8,500rpm
  • Starter – Electric
  • Throttle Bore - 32
  • CO2 Emissions (g/km) – 113
Honda CB650R


  • ABS System – 2 Chanel 
  • Brakes Front - 310 mm x 4.5 mm disc with four piston callipers
  • Brakes Rear - 240 mm x 5 mm disc with single piston callipers
  • Suspension Front – Showa separate function fork (SFF) USD
  • Suspension Rear – Mono with 10 stage pre-load adjuster, Aluminium Cast swingarm
  • Tyre Size Front – 120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)
  • Tyre Size Rear – 180/55ZR17 M/C (73W)
  • Wheels Front – 17M/C X MT3.50 Multi-Spoke Cast Aluminium
  • Wheels Rear – 17M/C X MT5.50 Multi-Spoke Cast Aluminium 
Honda CB650R

​Dimensions & Weights 

  • Battery Capacity (Vah) – YTZ10/FTZ10S 8.6Ah MF
  • Caster Angle – 25.5 °
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) – 2,130mm X 780mm X 1,075mm
  • Frame Type – Steel diamond
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L) – 15.4 litres
  • Fuel Consumption - 20.4km/litre
  • Ground Clearance (mm) – 150mm
  • Headlights – LED
  • Kerb Weight (kg) – 202kg
  • Seat Height (mm) – 810mm
  • Trail (mm) – 101mm
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 1450mm 
Honda CB650R


  • Clutch – Wet multiplate, A.S. Clutch
  • Final Drive – Chain
  • Transmission Type – 6-speed

Instruments and Electrics

  • Headlights - LED
  • Instruments - Digital Speedometer, Digital Bar Graph Tachometer, Dual Trip Meters, Digital Fuel Level Gauge & Fuel Consumption Gauge, Digital Clock, Water Temp, Gear position, Shift UP Indicator
  • Ignition System - Full transisterized
  • Tail Light - LED
CB650R Features


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Tapered handlebars offer feel and leverage. Full LED lighting adds a crisp, contemporary edge and the distinctive circular headlight throws out a penetrating blue-tinted beam.

    Aluminium Wheels The CB650R is equipped with premium 5-spoke Y-shaped aluminium wheels. The innovative design optimises rigidity while cutting down on thickness, giving you maximum strength with minimum weight.
    Relocated Ignition Switch The ignition switch has been moved to the front of the fuel tank cover to create a minimalist frontal area.
    Exhaust Design With a nod to Honda’s history, the CB650R’s four exhaust downpipes sweep together around the front of the engine. The rear of the muffler has been redesigned to channel the full impact of the exhaust sounds directly to the rider, delivering a thrilling growl as revs climb. This creates powerful engine reverberations, giving you an immersive experience that only an inline four engine can produce.


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    Its inline four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine is built to be used hard and features peak power boosted to 93.4 bhp (plus an easy 35kW conversion for A2 licence holders) with torque of 64Nm and a 12,000rpm redline.

      Four-Cylinder Engine The CB650R’s inline four-cylinder, DOHC 16-valve engine produces 70kW with strong mid-range torque of 64Nm and it has a 12,000rpm redline.
      Honda Selectable Torque Control The new CB650R provides perfect traction as you’re racing down the road. Rear wheel traction is managed by Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). When the wheel sensors detect a difference between front and rear wheel speeds, the system smoothly reduces torque to the rear wheel, maintaining traction.
      Assist/Slipper Clutch The Assist/Slipper Clutch manages the six-speed gearbox while easing upshifts and downshifts with its light clutch lever action. It also prevents rear wheel lockup during rapid downshifting to allow smoothly controlled corner entry.
      Easy 35kW Conversion An easy conversion is available from Honda dealers to restrict the CB650R’s engine to 35kW – making it A2 licence friendly. The conversion back to full power, once you’ve got your full A licence, is equally simple.
      Euro4 Complies with EURO 4 emissions regulations.
      Programmed Fuel Injection Map-type computerised system maintains strong power and responsive performance in all conditions.


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      Close, short gearing and a smooth rush of mid-range delivers smart acceleration away from the lights and through the gears – and then there’s the evocative howl from the exhaust as revs climb high.

        Radial-Mount Callipers The urban jungle can be unpredictable. That’s why you need a motorcycle that will give you smooth, optimal control in any weather. The dual radial-mount four-piston callipers grip 310mm floating discs, complemented by a single-piston rear callipers and a 240mm disc. Dual channel ABS maintains smooth control in wet or dry conditions. Conquer the road, rain or shine.
        Showa SFF USD Forks Adjustable 41mm Showa Separate Fork Function (SFF) USD forks offer supple suspension response and excellent feel for front tyre grip. They complement the frame’s tuned rigidity balance and 6kg weight loss from the chassis.
        Dual Air Intake Duct The CB650R is equipped with a dual air intake duct that pulls in fresh air directly from the front. This improves intake efficiency and optimises torque delivery.
        Honda Evolutional Catalysing System Oxygen-sensing system maintains an optimal air/fuel mixture for the most effective catalytic reduction of exhaust emissions.
        Radial Mount Callipers Offers better alignment to the disc and rigidity. Radial-mount callipers are secured and supported at both ends providing less calliper flex and better braking performance.


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        20/70-17 and 180/55-17 front and rear tyres deliver superbike-sized grip levels, dual radial-mount four-piston callipers work 310mm floating discs and 2-channel ABS maintains smooth control, wet or dry.

          Cockpit Control The new CB650R features rich digital LCD instruments that are easy to read. Now included in the display are a Gear Position and Shift Up indicator, a water thermometer, a peak hold meter of the engine RPM, and an upshift indicator linked with the engine RPM to let the driver know when to change gears.
          Full LED Lighting The lighting system of the CB650R is optimally engineered. All lighting is premium LED. The circular headlight is equipped with a sharp black bezel, mirrors with the elliptical style of the CB1000R Neo Sports Café and throws out an intense, blue-tinted beam. The taillight design takes cues from the CB1000R’s minimalism.
          Anti-Lock Braking System Reduces braking pressure by monitoring the wheel speed, preventing the wheels from locking up.
          Emergency Stop Signal The CB650R’s Emergency Stop Signal technology helps keep you safe if you ever need to hit the brakes unexpectedly. The system detects sudden braking and automatically activates the front and rear hazard lights, which flash to warn any nearby vehicles.
          Honda Ignition Security System Only allows the bike to be started by its original encoded keys to effectively protect against theft.
          New TFT panel A new 5-inch full-color TFT panel with Honda RoadSync connectivity is optically bonded for readability on bright days. The rider can now experience on-screen, turn-by-turn navigation, and other smartphone functions thanks to a new, simple 4-way lefthand toggle switch (which is now lighted).
            CB650R in PEARL SMOKEY GREY

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