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Honda E-Clutch: Revolutionizing Motorcycle Riding Experience

Motorcycle enthusiasts, are you ready to take your riding experience to the next level? Look no further than Honda E-Clutch. This groundbreaking technology, unique to Honda, eliminates the need to use the clutch lever during starting, stopping, and gear changes. With smooth and instant control, Honda E-Clutch enhances the thrill of carving through twisting corners and navigating city streets stress-free. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert, this twchnology opens up a whole new aspect of the riding experience. In this article, we will delve into what Honda E-Clutch is, who the creators are, and which motorcycles currently feature this game-changing technology.

What is a Honda E-Clutch?

the Honda E-Clutch system is a cutting-edge technology that combines elements of quickshifters, manually-operated clutches, and Honda's unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology. It revolutionizes the way riders interact with their motorcycles, providing seamless and precise control during gear changes. Unlike traditional manual transmissions, the Honda E-Clutch system eliminates "shift shock" through a harmonized combination of 'half-clutch' operation, fuel injection cut, and ignition control. The result is an ultra-smooth ride that enhances stability and rider confidence on both track and road.

The Creators of Honda E-Clutch

Honda E-Clutch is the brainchild of a team of dedicated engineers at Honda Motor Japan. Led by Junya Ono, the Large Project Leader, the development of the Honda E-Clutch system was driven by the pillars of comfort, peace of mind, and sportiness. Tatsuya Ryuzaki, the Control Design Project Leader, explains that the goal of Honda E-Clutch was to offer riders more flexibility, evolving the manual transmission to enhance the riding experience. Ryohei Tsuzuki, the Drive Train Test Project Leader, highlights a key feature of Honda E-Clutch: riders can operate the clutch normally by simply squeezing the lever, providing a familiar and intuitive interface.


The CB650R is a stripped-back, performance-oriented motorcycle that offers a thrilling riding experience. Combining the power of a four-cylinder engine with lightweight agility, the CB650R delivers strong acceleration and nimble handling. Inspired by the CB1000R-inspired Neo Sports Café style, the CB650R is a visual masterpiece. Additionally, it features premium technology like a new TFT screen and Honda RoadSync connectivity. With the optional Honda E-Clutch system, riders can enjoy seamless gear changes and the freedom to start, stop, and shift gears without using the clutch lever.


For those seeking a middleweight sports motorcycle, the CBR650R is the perfect choice. Powered by a smooth, turbine-like inline engine, the CBR650R offers a rush of power across a wide rpm range. Its aggressive styling draws inspiration from the iconic CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, making it a head-turner on the road. Equipped with advanced features such as a new TFT screen and RoadSync connectivity, the CBR650R is a true technological marvel. With the Honda E-Clutch system, riders can experience next-level performance advantage, effortlessly shifting gears and focusing on the thrill of the ride.

How Does Honda E-Clutch Work?

The Honda E-Clutch system utilizes electronic control technology to provide instantaneous and fine-tuned clutch control. This ensures smooth starting, shifting, and stopping without the need for the rider to operate the clutch lever. While the electronic clutch control is in effect, riders can still operate the clutch lever in the same way as in a normal manual transmission vehicle by simply holding the lever. This user-friendly design accommodates a wide range of riders' experience and skills, allowing them to comfortably concentrate on the pleasure of riding.

Expert Level Performance Shifting

One of the key advantages of Honda E-Clutch is its ability to elevate shifting performance to an expert level. Whether you're riding on twisting roads or city streets, the seamless and instant shifting provided by Honda E-Clutch enhances the fun and excitement of every ride. Gear changes using the shift pedal are effortless and controlled, allowing riders to focus on the road ahead. The weight of the Honda E-Clutch system is kept to a minimum, contributing to the overall agility of the motorcycle. With Honda E-Clutch, every ride becomes an expert-level experience.

Clutchless Shift Operation

One of the most exciting features of Honda E-Clutch is the ability to shift gears without clutch operation. This silky-smooth control allows riders to seamlessly shift up and down the gearbox, leaving them free to enjoy the pleasure of riding and focus on the road ahead. The precise clutch control offered by Honda E-Clutch surpasses conventional manual operation, providing greater stability and confidence in all riding conditions.

Optimum Acceleration

With E-Clutch, riders can experience optimum acceleration through ultra-fast and consistent gear changes. By simply operating the shift pedal, riders can unleash maximum engine performance in every gear. This feature is particularly beneficial for smooth and rapid progress along twisting roads, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Manual Clutch Operation Available

Although Honda E-Clutch system offers clutchless shifting, riders still have the option to use the clutch lever manually. After using the clutch lever, the Honda E-Clutch system automatically reactivates within seconds, allowing riders to seamlessly transition back to clutchless shifting. This flexibility ensures that riders can adapt their riding style to suit their preferences and riding conditions.

Focus on Riding Performance

By eliminating the need for clutch operation during starting and stopping, the Honda E-Clutch system enhances the overall riding performance. Riders no longer need to worry about stalling or the stress of hill starts. The absence of clutch operation reduces fatigue, particularly in urban environments. With Honda E-Clutch, riders can focus more on what's ahead and around them, elevating their concentration level and building their riding skills.


Honda E-Clutch is a game-changer in the world of motorcycle technology. By providing seamless and precise control during gear changes, it enhances the riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts of all levels. With the option to use the clutch lever manually or enjoy clutchless shifting, the Honda E-Clutch system offers flexibility and adaptability. The CB650R and CBR650R motorcycles are the first models to showcase this groundbreaking technology, reflecting Honda's commitment to innovation and customer-centric design. So, gear up, embrace the future, and experience the thrill of Honda E-Clutch.