A1 Licence

Everything You Need to Know About the A1 Licence

Are you a young rider looking to become an A1 licence holder for motorbikes? This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the A1 licence, including its requirements, the test process, the best Honda bikes you can ride once you are an A1 licence holder, benefits for an A1 licence holder and what comes next in your journey.

What is an A1 Licence?

The A1 licence is a restricted category motorcycle licence that allows riders to operate motorcycles and mopeds with an engine capacity of up to 125cc and a power output of no more than 11kw (15hp). This licence is available to individuals who are at least 17 years old and provides a stepping stone towards obtaining a full motorbike licence.

Benefits of an A1 Licence

Becoming an A1 licence holder comes with several advantages for young riders. Here are some of the benefits:

Increased Training

Compared to the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) required for riding a moped, the A1 licence offers a more extensive training program, ensuring that you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to ride safely.

Expanded Riding Privileges

With an A1, you can ride without L-plates, carry pillion passengers, and even ride on motorways. These privileges make the A1 more versatile and useful than the CBT.

Longer Validity

Unlike the CBT, which expires after two years, the A1 licence does not have an expiration date. This means that you can continue riding with your A1 for as long as you wish without the need for renewal.

Requirements for Obtaining an A1 Licence

To obtain an A1 licence, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Here are the key prerequisites:


You must be at least 17 years old to apply.

Driving Licence

You need a valid UK driving licence, either provisional or full car licence before you can proceed when becoming an A1 licence holder.

CBT Completion

Completing the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a mandatory requirement before taking the A1 exams. The CBT provides you with essential training on basic motorcycle skills and road safety.

Motorcycle Theory Test

Passing the motorcycle theory test is a crucial step in becoming an A1 licence holder. The theory test assesses your knowledge of road rules, hazard perception, and motorcycle-specific regulations.

The A1 Licence Test Process

The A1 licence test consists of two modules: Module 1 and Module 2. To obtain an A1, you will need to complete the two-part test on a bike between 120cc and 125cc, not exceeding 11kW. Here's an overview of each module:

Module 1

Module 1 is the off-road test that evaluates your ability to control a motorcycle under various conditions. It includes several exercises such as:

  1. Wheeling the motorcycle- Demonstrating your ability to lift the front wheel of the motorcycle off the ground.
  2. Figure of eight- Manoeuvring the motorcycle through a figure-of-eight pattern.
  3. Slow control- Performing slow-speed riding and balance exercises.
  4. U-turn- Executing a controlled U-turn within a designated area.

It is recommended to schedule Module 1 and Module 2 on separate days to optimize your chances of success.

Module 2

Module 2 is the on-road test that assesses your practical riding skills in real traffic conditions. During Module 2, an examiner will accompany you on a road ride where you will be evaluated on your ability to:

  1. Observe and anticipate- Demonstrating good observation skills and the ability to anticipate potential hazards on the road.
  2. Use road positioning- Maintaining correct positioning on the road, taking into account other vehicles and road conditions.
  3. Execute manoeuvres- Performing safe and controlled manoeuvres such as overtaking, turning at junctions, and responding to traffic signals.

Riding Honda Bikes with an A1 Licence

Being an A1 licence holder, you will have the opportunity to ride various Honda bikes that meet the requirements of the licence. Honda offers a range of motorcycles suitable for an A1 licence holder, including:

Honda Monkey

The Honda Monkey is a popular choice for an A1 licence holder. It is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and eye-catching design, making it an excellent option for beginners looking for an exciting bike.

Honda CB125F

The Honda CB125F is another great option for an A1 licence holder. It combines practicality, comfort, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and leisure riding.

Honda MSX125 (Grom)

If you're looking for a fun and stylish Honda bike, the Honda MSX125, also known as the Grom, is a compact and agile bike that offers a unique riding experience.

These are just a few examples of Honda bikes that are suitable for an A1 licence holder. It's important to consider your preferences, budget and intended use when choosing a Honda bike.

What Comes Next?

An A1 licence holder may choose to continue their motorcycle journey and progress to the next licence category. The natural progression from an A1 is the A2 licence, which allows you to ride motorcycles with a higher power output.

To obtain an A2 licence, you will need to meet the age requirement of 19 years old and pass the necessary A2 licence tests. The A2 licence opens up a wider range of motorcycles, providing you with more options and a higher level of performance.


Becoming an A1 licence holder is an exciting step for young riders looking to explore the world of motorbikes. It offers increased training, expanded riding privileges, and a longer validity compared to the CBT. While there are limitations and costs to consider, the A1 licence provides a valuable foundation for further progression in the world of motorcycles.

With Honda bikes offering reliable and versatile options for an A1 licence holder, you can confidently embark on your motorcycling journey. Whether you choose the Honda Monkey, Honda CB125F, or Honda MSX125, these bikes provide a combination of performance and reach the age of 19, you can set your sights on the A2 licence and unlock even more opportunities in the world of motorcycling. So, start your journey with an A1 licence and enjoy the freedom and thrill of riding Honda bikes by discovering our range of bikes that you can ride as an A1 licence holder.